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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ain't about the chi-ching chiching, aint about the bibling bibling

I'm sorry I had to use that but there is not better title for this blog..The bibling of our wedding!
I know it shouldn't be about the material stuff but it doesnt hurt to get a few nice extras on top of a loving husband. So far, I noticed that I've developed a habit of blogging about wedding thingies that are related- first the unique ideas, now the blings and in the near future, the diy projects. First on the list of course:

The ring

Meio and I have been talking about our wedding as early as june last year so the engagement ring was just a formality. All the same, it still makes me feel kilig since he gave it in our of our climbs- on April 9th, on the 9th highest mountain in the philippines, mt. timbak:

The irony that something that signifies a beginning is set against something so old and literally rustic :)
us during that climb ^_^

The wedding rings

we went to meycauayan last march and got our rings on the spot..simply pretty for a fraction of what we thought the cost would be

my head dress

Some people would say I bought it way tooo early but looking at it makes me so happy that it doesnt matter. It's made of swarovski and hubby to be's bf-gf anniversary present to me(pm me if you wanna know where I bought it.

The original one was white and brown and though our motif colors are tiffany blue and choco brown, i had it changed since blue stands out even more and I was not disappointed.

my shoes

as i will mention in another blog, i have 3 pairs of wedding shoes at the moment and this one is my fave!!! why not considering the price and how beautiful it is...there is one stone missing and you probably don't notice and wont even find it even though i told you

here are my awesome shoes!
picture to follow.I dont have the file
 with me pero atat nako mag-blog ^_^
For personal reasons, i dislike the arrhae tradition but we have no choice but to include it. Imagine my delight when I saw a shop in divi selling arrhae holders for 20-35 pesos. no, i didnt omit zeroes there, they're really between 20 to 30 pesos. I can simply add 10-20 1 peso coins and instead of the typical 150-300 arrhaes, saving a hundred bucks isnt bad.
I was skeptical that I'd find the exact same design on google but here it is!

Adding all these small details and good finds, I'd hit whoever says that it aint about the bling cause it can be about the bling! Thanks for reading and happy preps to engaged couples out there!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pre-nup Storyboard

This is entitled pre-nup story board but honestly, I dont have a specific concept like a theme or concept in mind. Haha. How stupid. It's because I just want the pictures to show how in love we are so I focused more on making us as relaxed looking as possible. I just thought of props, the location and let other things take their natural course. It's still in November but with more than a month to go, I am excited to share details that we controlled and talked about.

1.The Location
I won't disclose it's name so as not to jinx it but given that we are mountaineers and mountains make up a big part of our lives, we decided to have the pictorial in a mountain. No worries about the oot charges since our photogs are friends who are just as talented AS pros and agreed to do it there. Yey! Here's a picture of the mountain:
 h2b and i when we climbed the mountain last july.I specifically requested that we dont take as many pictures during the july climb since we can take as many pictures as we want on the big pictorial :)

2. The props
Since it is also a climb, inconvenient and bulky props are out of the question, like balloons and my pet dog Fudgie. I liked lollipops before but somehow they don't go with everything else- being tweetums mountaineers.
Hence, i settled for two props I like the most-Parasols and Bubbles
Our motif is blue and brown but I didnt want to overuse it so we'll just add little details like blue parasols

2. Bubbles
Bubbles are so common but they just add that magical touch to any picture. Toy bubble guns are available in divilandia for as low as 50 and two "alalays" este friends would suffice in helping us achieve that effect by firing the guns

That's just about it except for a last "patikim".. Niceprint photo shared Kyla and Rich's prenup shots and we would definitely love to "copy" and redo this particular shot
I wish we can pull the days para November na. Tah-tuh!

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