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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pools for Rent in SJDM/Lagro/Fairview/Nova Area

*Updated on Feb 04 2014
Our baby Reese is a water baby. We hope we have the energy to take a video of him every morning before bath time. You should see how he gets all worked up knowing that bath time is about to follow- he wont stop jumping, he doesnt cry even if water gets in his eyes and he has "crazy eyes" even after we've dressed him up. Adding the fact that he wont remember it if we spend on a fastfood party, we decided to have a swimming party.
I so loooooove this photo because Reese looks like he's catching fish! :)

A private pool in Pansol would have been a more practical choice but we had to factor in the fact that particular guests did not have private cars and we would hate for them to miss the party because of that. So I summoned my googling powers yet again to look for pools that are somewhat within our area. Here's a rundown of the ones we checked, in decreasing order of preference:

1. "Lagro Swimming Pool"
If you clicked the link, then you would know that it's name, is, in fact, Lagro Swimming Pool. It just felt weird that the owner did not have(or fought off?) the urge to name the place something significant or unique. Anyway, this place is a stone's throw away from us.

Ocular Notes: The place was okay it looked like it can accomodate about 60-80 people, based on my initial assesment of the place. They said day swimming rate is 7500, good for 7am-5pm

2. Casa Milan Clubhouse
I have a friend whose family hosted his sister's debut here and his feedback wasnt so good but this is still very close to our house so I would like to keep it at the top my list.
credits to the owner

Ocular Notes: We decided not to include this in our choices anymore because of the inconvenience to guests. Since it is situated inside a private subdivision, guests without cars cannot visit the place easily

3. Aquaboy Resort
This is in Zabarte, which is about 15 minutes away from our house. The name doesnt do very well with me since it sounds very super hero-ish, but setting that aside, the place looks amazing.

Ocular Notes:

4. Casa Aurelia
Please do not ask me how I came to know about this resort because I just jumble the search words and somehow, I saw this. ahehehe! This place is about 20 minutes away from our house and it sounds promising because 1) It looks very similar to pansol private resorts and 2) some cousins have been here before, but I have yet to ask them how it was.

Ocular Notes:

5. A few private resorts in Fairview
These are about 20-30 minutes away from our house and they are all posted in sulit, so I have yet to check the name and other details

6. Kamarin Events Venue
Zabarte Road, boundary of Caloocan and Quezon City
Came across this place while looking for the resort where my sister will join her classmates. They also have an event hall, which according to the staff can accommodate 60-80 but in my opinion, can only comfortably fit 40-60,depending on the setup.

Ocular Notes: The pool was bigger than the others we've checked but I think there would be less space for guests. Price given was 5,800 for day rate good for 8am-5pm

Sorry that the some ocular notes are still blank.. We would do the oculars again real soon so I'd update them again in the future. Chop chop!


letonya magno said...

You have a very good blog. Very informative and helpful :) Any update on the ocular notes? I am looking for a pool venue for July or August for 20 kids and 40 adults. Thanks!

Arnold and April said...

Hi.. thanks a lot.
Sorry I dont have updated notes since hubby and I decided not to have the pool party :)

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