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Monday, January 13, 2014

To partey or not to partey- the 25,000 php budget extra challenge birthday party planning

Had a chat with a coworker today who has a lot of similarities with me- in terms of her current life status. Her son is also about to celebrate his first birthday this year and she mentioned her budget for their son's birthday- 40,000(since it will include baptism expenses also)

I was taken aback because up until this point, I was hoping that our budget for Reese's birthday would be 20,000 php tops. However, reality bites and after our enlightening conversation, I did some math and came up with these figures
Hubby and I could come up with this money but I at this point, I'm not sure that spending 25,000 for a birthday party that our son wouldn't remember excites me as much as it did last week. All the more that I am not so keen on it because of our Bacolod trip a month later, which would cost around 15,000 as well. So even though I have posted a number of entries about a safari jungle themed birthday, I am still on the edge and contemplating  whether we should push through with this party or just buy a jumbo palanggana for our boy who loves swimming. Kung pwede lang mag-alaga ng manok na kakatayin sa birthday nya, ginawa ko na. ahahahaha...

So I pray for enlightenment, and that further discussions with hubby would go well and that I'd find ways to further compress and minimize this budget. Chop-chop!

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