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Monday, January 30, 2012

another diy: flowers for the entourage

It is both a blessing and a curse that we had a year to plan and prepare for our wedding. Blessing because we are able to choose the suppliers that are the best in our price range and we are also able to scout a lot. On days like today, it is a curse because I am starting to turn into a new version of bridezilla- one who wishes to do everything herself as much as she can- either to save money or because I'm becoming overly OC about that particular thing and wouldn't want to entrust it to anybody else or both


A college friend of mine is getting married this February and we've been exchanging messages online(she's based in Canada) about everything under the sun about weddings. Of course, we'd share notes on suppliers and since I do not have a florist yet, I asked for hers and the quote that they gave her. I added the account on facebook and asked for a quotation for the flowers that I want.

I believe that the quotation they gave me is fairly reasonable and competitive, it's just that..I dont want to spend that much on flowers It is their in their nature to wilt, and no matter how lovely they are, they would only be appreciated for a few hours. Hence, I became gaga with the whole "diy flower arrangements" idea and started searching different key words online.

In all fairness, I am courageous and optimistic at the moment because of hand tied bouquets. It's because this type of arrangement is self explanatory, it's really a bunch of flowers tied together. There are variations, of course, but with plenty of tutorials online, I'm hoping I'd be able to make these:

the EXACT bouquet that I want for myself

a variation of this for the mothers and maid of honor

this for the secondary sponsors and bridesmaids(i originally wanted corsages but the tutorials were giving me a headache. this looks much easier to do)

boutonnieres for the men.

I'd go with my mom to a big flower shop in qc this Wednesday to buy some flowers for my initial attempts. Why the trouble? Because a dozen of pink roses(which I intend to use for majority of these arrangements) can go as low as 40 pesos. That, I believe, should be enough to give you an idea of how much we'd save.

Till Next time!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Marriage License application in Taguig

We'd only do this once and since the marriage license is the primary requirement for the marriage certificate that makes our wedding legal, I documented this day very well.

We'd be getting married in Pasig and since Taguig is closer to Pasig than QC, Hubby to be and I decided to get our license in Taguig. The first requirement for us was to attend the family planning seminar.

Little Miss Midwife who gave the seminar was very late. It was supposed to start at 1:30 but she came at 2:15 and started at 2:20. She even got a reprimand from the doctor for her not-so-loud voice and little missie couldnt get over that fact. Anyway, we learned a little from her as well- like the fact that IUD is not for every woman, that it can last up to ten years and that i still dont like the idea that there's a little stick somewhere after my vajaejae. haha. The seminar lasted for less than 30 minutes and we got a few things after that.

the certificate

info on pregnancy and condoms

Now let's talk about the condoms, which were a source of amusement for me in many ways that after a while, fiance dear started to get annoyed and said kanina mo pa pinipicturan yang condom . I just found it so amusing that it was idiot-proof in many ways and lemme show you why:
there were three! Not bad considering that the seminar fee was 40 and the room was air conditioned and we get three condoms.hehe

so funny that they had to indicate that it's for single use. and i never knew condoms could be stored for 5 years!

beware: boys should measure their private part as it might not be the perfect fit.hehe

Moving on, we submitted all the original copies to the local civil registry and filled out 4 copies. We'd get the license on February 6.

sorry,dont have the will to rotate anymore :P

Final Notes:
We paid a total of 240 for the marriage license fees
The requirements would vary from city to city
bring a lot of photocopies!
write legibly to avoid problems

Til Next time!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

my gown's journey starts and ends here

Don't let the title confuse you. I've had a love affair with the gown that I'll wear on our wedding day that's why I say it starts and ends here. START- because I have made the initial arrangements with a gown maker regarding it. ENDS- because after a few bouts of indecisiveness about it, I've finally settled regarding the who, the what and where of my gown.

Basically, my decision went back and forth because of certain conditions that I have

1.It must be cheap.
It is my wedding gown BUT at the end of the day, I just get to wear it for one day and I dont want something that costs too much for something that will just be used for 5 hours.

2. It must be custom made to fit my body.
I cannot forget an anecdote from Monster in Law: I want the dress to fit my body and not the other way around. I have long accepted that I will never have an hour glass figure hence I dont want to strain myself in losing too much weight for the sake of my wedding
JLO in the movie Monster-In-Law

3. Even if it is cheap, it must not look like its price.
I've been to divi on countless times and all the gowns start to look the same after a few turns in the stalls. I'd rather wear a gown that is very simple than to wear something that has been mass produced for brides in distress.

I wonder how many gowns they sell in a day...

I have a lot more kwento but let's skip ahead to the part where I went to a gown maker in Lagro, QC. hehe..The price that she quoted for me was less than 5,000 pesos with the following into consideration

1) the inner layer was sewn though she said she'd have to re-do it
2) I provided the cloth for the outer layer
3) no accessories

However, I still think it's a good price since my original option was to go to Baclaran and if I go there 2-3 times, it'll be the same considering the gas money I'd spend.

This is a very good option for brides in the fairview/novaliches/north caloocan area and for sisses scouting for a gown maker, I'd let you know as soon as possible regarding my rating.

I had my measurement taken and we'd be back this weekend to give prinouts of my final inspirations:
for the beading

overused picture for the silhouette

can't wait for the first fitting tah-tah!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

the bride with three pairs of bridal shoes

I previously made an entry about a pair of shoes that I really really liked. But fiance dear and mother dear both disliked it so I made a mental note to scout for another pair whenever I'll have the time.

Truth is, I took it personally. I love shoes and all types of footwear for that matter so I cannot: I repeat, I cannot wear a pair of shoes that my husband to be does not like. My mother and I have had very different fashion styles all these years so it was okay but I guess the thought that my partner for life doesnt like the pair I'm wearing on our special day disturbed me.

For the purposes of this discussion, I'm gonna say the brands to avoid confusion :D

On one occasion, I had the chance to go to trinoma and came upon a nice looking pair from Sugus. As always, I immediately checked the price. It was 399.75(still not getting the .75-ish prices). Anyway, the shoe on display looked good when I wore it so I waited for the saleslady to get a new pair so that I can fit both.

While waiting for that pair, I looked around and saw another good looking display from M. Nicole. I was skeptical at first because it looked expensive and yet when I flipped it over, pricetag was only 299! I couldnt believe my eyes and asked the salesman and he said that they were the last pair.

I wanted to kill myself for deciding to buy the first(or second pair if you count the pair I bought a few months ago)ones I saw. But then again, I went crazy with the idea of having not one, not two, but THREE pairs of bridal shoes. My mom would kill me if she found out(it would be another confessions of a shopaholic moment), but I thought to myself:

1)the M. Nicole shoes shoes would look really great in pictures BUT
-they are stilettos and the idea of wearing them for five to six hours tops on our wedding day makes me wary
2)Though the Sugus pair was kinda boring and plain compared to the M. Nicole pair, I love the glass detail and they would be so much comfier.
3) The M. Nicole pair costs only 299, the Sugus pair 399.75 and the first pair from Cinderella was only 299.75 as well. Adding that up, my 3 pairs costs only 998.50 and to other brides, that's way below their budget for shoes.

Long story short, I bought both pairs and hence you can now call me the bride with three pairs of shoes. Amen

Till next time!
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