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Monday, January 30, 2012

another diy: flowers for the entourage

It is both a blessing and a curse that we had a year to plan and prepare for our wedding. Blessing because we are able to choose the suppliers that are the best in our price range and we are also able to scout a lot. On days like today, it is a curse because I am starting to turn into a new version of bridezilla- one who wishes to do everything herself as much as she can- either to save money or because I'm becoming overly OC about that particular thing and wouldn't want to entrust it to anybody else or both


A college friend of mine is getting married this February and we've been exchanging messages online(she's based in Canada) about everything under the sun about weddings. Of course, we'd share notes on suppliers and since I do not have a florist yet, I asked for hers and the quote that they gave her. I added the account on facebook and asked for a quotation for the flowers that I want.

I believe that the quotation they gave me is fairly reasonable and competitive, it's just that..I dont want to spend that much on flowers It is their in their nature to wilt, and no matter how lovely they are, they would only be appreciated for a few hours. Hence, I became gaga with the whole "diy flower arrangements" idea and started searching different key words online.

In all fairness, I am courageous and optimistic at the moment because of hand tied bouquets. It's because this type of arrangement is self explanatory, it's really a bunch of flowers tied together. There are variations, of course, but with plenty of tutorials online, I'm hoping I'd be able to make these:

the EXACT bouquet that I want for myself

a variation of this for the mothers and maid of honor

this for the secondary sponsors and bridesmaids(i originally wanted corsages but the tutorials were giving me a headache. this looks much easier to do)

boutonnieres for the men.

I'd go with my mom to a big flower shop in qc this Wednesday to buy some flowers for my initial attempts. Why the trouble? Because a dozen of pink roses(which I intend to use for majority of these arrangements) can go as low as 40 pesos. That, I believe, should be enough to give you an idea of how much we'd save.

Till Next time!

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