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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wedding idea: A twist to table numbers

This might not be a very unique idea as I am sure that a number of couples before us have thought of it. In fact, I didnt try googling it for fear of disappointment that a gazillion matches would appear.

We originally wanted to name our table numbers after mountains that we've climbed. However, we realzed that
1) we've incorporated too many mountain stuff already. engagement was in a mountain.engagement shoot was in a mountain. honeymoon will be a mountain hike. initial present for principal sponsors are plants. get the point?????
2) some people might not get it or raise eye brows. basically, i just dont want to hear negative comments
3) many people might not be familiar with the names, and it can create a lot of confusion with the pronunciations and stuff.

In light of this, I kept racking my brains on what we could possibly use and today, I finally gave in to the idea of still using numbers..but not ordinal numbers. we would use numbers that are significant for us, and provide a short trivia on the meaning and/or significance of the digit(s).

Right now, here are a few of the numbers we intend to use:

of course, i wouldn't say just yet the significance of these numbers so as not to spoil the fun ^_^

till next time!

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