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Saturday, February 4, 2012

my most ambitious wedding project by far: diy entourage flowers

As mentioned in a previous post, I've decided to have our flowers diy. It might seem to you like I don't think the flowers are that big of a deal so just risk it....... but I do! That's why today, I went to Dangwa to buy flowers. I wanted to practice making a bouquet or two, plus my mom loooooooves flowers and it's a perfect excuse to make her happy.

So I went there and there were a lot too many men who would follow you for a bit and see if you might be interested in their packages. I just smiled and didnt ask too much. After all, the reason why we decided on diy was budget so I was intent on saving as much money as possible. Plus, they made me feel like they were selling kidneys or something else that is kontrabando. haha

I bought my flowers from the big complex that used to house the old stalls that I saw a few years back. I went home very happy and after making everything, I was even happier with things that I created.

I didnt have enough flowers to make a miniature of my bouquet so I just worked on the bouquet for the mothers and our female siblings(identical) and for the other female entourage

I followed some tutorials online and here's a step by step pictorial of how I came up with the final bouquet. I'm having trouble with my editing program so for some reason, the final product comes first even though I want the pictures to be in a clockwise sequence. Anyway, here it is:


To elaborate, I started on the two roses and wrapped the stems in floral tape. Then, I put carnations in a circular motion and after that, pink roses. I rounded it off with leaves (that I stole from my mom's garden)

Then, I worked on the bouquet for the secondary sponsors. I originally wanted corsages for them but I just dont seem to get what they're getting at, so I just decided to make bouquets as well. At this point, I was feeling lazy to take step by step pictures so I just took different angles of the finished product.

some of you might remember that our motif is actually aqua blue and choco brown and we decided on pink flowers due to the limited aqua blue flowers available. However, I still want to remain faithful to our motif by using blue ribbon

I still had a few flowers left so I tried making simple boutonnieres as well. I made one using a carnation and another using a rose with leaves. I even put it on top of my mom's ninang attire to see how it would contrast.

My sister said she preferred the carnation and I do too since it looks much fresher. She said that the rose looked like it was so yesterday, like from a wedding from the 1950s. haha

Anyway, the whole point of this was to save money so to give you an idea, here are the comparisons:

A florist quoted me
950 for a bouquet using carnations and 650 using local roses,
75 for boutonnieres using local roses

For this , I spent:
200 for 2 dozens of 2nd class roses(best quality costs 250-300, lesser quality costs 180-200)
180 for a dozen carnations
35 floral tape(still have a lot)
50 baby's breath

If you really want to be technical, here's what I used for each piece:

Mothers' bouquet
11 roses( 200/24=8.3 *11=83)
5 carnations(180/12=15*5=60)
floral tape(approx=5 pesos)
ribbon(approximately=5 pesos)

Secondary sponsors' bouquet
3 carnations(15*3=45)
7 roses(8.33*7=58.31)
baby's breath(approximately 20 pesos)
Floral tape + ribbon=10 pesos

My works are not perfect but given the savings, I am very much willing to push through with this project. It's so much fun! I loved doing them and makes another thing in our wedding more special because they are made with love.

Till Next time!

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