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Friday, June 22, 2012

Supplier Rating: Junnel Maranan Videography( Onsite Video Rating Only)

This is a long overdue post since our wedding happened 2 months ago(oh gosh, how time flies!) but it was kinda hard to bug hubby to help me in including the link in this post. Here goes:
Rating: 5/5(My first 5/5 rating!)
Peso Power: 33,000 (2011 rate)
same day edit video
wedding highlights: 2  20-30 minute dvds of wedding highlights
2 videographers
1 editor
3 assistants

 The kwento: Sir Junnel was our second best option(financially speaking) and we met him july 2011 for the initial meeting. He was very easy to deal with and that time, we were undecided on which package to get (budget constraints) so we said that we'll just finalize everything a few months before the wedding. He was trying to convince us to get the package including the pre-nup video but we couldnt afford it so we just decided to get the package indicated above.


They were right on schedule about everything! They arrived at about 9:45 when in fact, the call time was 10:30. Call me weird but I was dismayed that they had to come so early- I knew it would be harder to move around with cameras everywhere and I was right, I felt very conscious with all the cameras around. But, they were very discreet and it was still okay to move around despite their presence.

In showing the sde, they were also right on time. We told them that they'd show the clip after the dinner and they were able to deliver right on time. We're due to receive the wedding clips this july and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'd be able to deliver just as well as the wedding day.

They really know their craft. There were times when I was starting to get annoyed because I didnt feel like they were shooting anything during the preps but I WAS SO WRONG. I saw a lot of clips from the preps on the onsite video meaning they were just very discreet. Our guests were also amazed by Sir Junnel's efficiency- sabi nila, he was working relentlessly sa church and sa reception and he knew exactly the clips that he wanted to include in our video. I also commend the other videographer in the team. Kuya kept throwing jokes to lighten the mood but I found him really cheesy, but when the video came out, most of the shots that I remember were from him and I really liked how he did them.


The only con I can think of is budget. Some teams offer as low as 15k for photo and video packages, including the albums, pre-nup pictorial and wedding coverage. However, I believe what one photographer said in his website: photography and videography, no matter how similar they may be, are two crafts that are quite different. Therefore, a good photographer may not necessarily be a good videographer and vice versa. Thus, I believe that even if sir Junnel's rate is higher since it is not bundled with a photography package, it is worth every penny.

Trivia: There's a woman whom I cannot necessarily call as a "third party" in the relationship. All the same, she caused turmoil in our life a few months before the wedding. it is through her that I first learned of our sde song. So there's some kinda sense in the saying that there's a silver lining to these things after all.

Happy viewing and hope ya like it! (I still watch this from time to time and it makes me all mushy and floaty again :D)
Arnold and April Same Day Edit from Junnel Maranan on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Supplier's Review: Sta Clara De Montefalco Pasig

I know this is called supplier's rating but I wouldn't give stars to them. I believe that the church is a non-negotiable supplier in the wedding and no matter how much we like or dislike them, at the end of the day, we still need to get married in a church. Unlike other suppliers, you have to bear with them more. So here goes:

The pros:
Sobrang mura! Their all in rate is only 10k!
To get married in the church in our village, the all in package is 8,500 and that's considering that the aisle is about 3 meters long.Wala pong nawawalang zero dyan, the church is hexagonal in shape so the aisle is very short(hence fewer flower arrangements). For Sta Clara, the aisle is much longer pero un nga, 10k lang

It remains as the tallest church in the Philippines.
I imagine sharing this with our offspring, na kinasal kami sa pinakamataas na simbahan sa Pilipinas. Not to mention that it is extremely beautiful, which makes it as the perfect backdrop to your special day. They also have a lot of parking space so it wouldnt be a problem.

They really put a lot of thought into their pre-cana seminar. 

It was a two day affair and I must say that my fiance and I really learned a lot. Their marriage "inventory" activity was exceptionally helpful

The cons

They wont accept your reservation until you have passed the canonical interview.
This caused a lot of stress on my part since I wanted to finalize things as early as possible and imagine the looming horror that they might not accept us in the end.

They also put a lot of emphasis on the orientation for the photographers. This was one of the reasons why we switched suppliers a month before the wedding- our original contact wanted to charge us their full rate for attending the orientation.

The sermon wasnt so good either. 
The priest didnt give any advice whatsoever, minadali talaga ung kasal namin. I was upset on this part a lot. The greater half of our entourage wasnt able to walk kasi we followed their rule- dapat 5 minutes before the set time naglalakad na para makarating sa altar at exactly 4pm kasi sabi nila the priest would cut the sermon if we're late. But the sermon was very short nonetheless- in the vernacular-masabi lang.

Final Say: It feels good to say that we got married in the tallest church in the Philippines. Our pictures also turned out fine but if you want a heartfelt ceremony in a church that wont give u that much trouble, I guess your neighborhood parish is still better :(

Pictures for your appreciation. Tah-Tuh!

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