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Friday, December 23, 2011

wedding venues in qc/bulacan area #2

I noticed that my entry about wedding venues is getting more hits than most of my other posts so I decided to make this follow-up to the first one. No, this is not about the glass garden, grand terrace, gazebo royale, oasis and fernwood. You know all those venues very well and what follows are alternatives if you cannot afford or do not want these well known places.

If you will notice with my other posts, budget has always been our primary consideration in our wedding decisions. Hence, the venues that i put here were considered based on the budget and everything else just followed.

1.Patio Ibarra
Patio Ibarra is part of the ibarrapartyvenues and it is located in quezon avenue in the same building as tong yang. hubby to be and I have seen it personally. Technically, it is just a rectangular ballroom space but with the numerous chandeliers, wall to wall carpet and good enough curtains, it has a lot of potential.
pros and cons: ibarra has their own set of menus so getting an outside caterer is not a practical option. They also have inclusions such as the bridal car, cake and photobooth- all of which can work to your advantage or disadvantage if you have other suppliers in mind.

2. The Village Patio
The Village Patio is located in Sikatuna. I made a separate blog about it and initially, hubby to be and I were really set on getting this venue because 1) it is in QC which is an ideal location 2) I worked in this area for a few years so it is dear to my heart and 3) a few people have very positive reviews about the place and the food
the deal: The village patio also has an in-house caterer, tarlaquena food specialist and though they allow outside caterers, the fee is quite high compared to the package if you get everything from them. The menu is quite unique especially if you are tired of the typical fish fillet beef stew and everything else combo. The venue is covered and has plenty of plants- which is a nice 2nd option for a garden wedding but i guess it can get humid since it's not airconditioned.

These venues are side by side each other and both offer very affordable packages.
the deal: we could have opted for shangri-la but hubby to be's cousin got married here and he didnt want our wedding to be at the exact same place. Another disadvantage that we experienced was that 2 or more events can happen simultaneously at the same time so if more guests turn up, they would have to sit at the ground floor even though the event area is on the second. I havent attended an event in Kowloon so I just included it in case you're interested in Shangri-La, might as well inquire in both venues.

i tried googling images that might be helpful to you but none were "helpful" so just visit the places yourself.

This is also located in Quezon Avenue and in fact, Patio Ibarra, Shangri-La, Kowloon and Aberdeen are within a kilometer radius with each other. Aberdeen is probably the most affordable, which ironically, is the reason why we didnt get them since we were skeptical that for that price, they would be able to pull off and wow our guests. For a smaller party, however, I guess Aberdeen would be a good choice especially for budget savvy couples.

again, i couldnt find helpful pictures so just try visiting the place yourself.

5. Pacific Waves-San Jose Del Monte Bulacan
Pacific waves is already in Bulacan but it is still a great option for those who are from the fairview/novaliches/northern caloocan area. I have always thought of it as a "cousin" of fernwood due to the fact that it has a chapel within its premises and though I have not been there personally, the pictures are very promising.
the deal: everything is in their property- they have lodging, the church and the venue as well. However, this venue was a little over our budget and would attract so-so visitors on my side since I am from Norzagaray.

credits to visitpinas for this picture...this btw is their own chapel.

The best advertisement that this place can use is that it was the venue for Kim Chiu's debut celebration. They also have a very unique concept and with packages for 100-300 guests, it can attract intimate and big wedding celebrations.
the deal: secret garden is a very beautiful place especially if you're aiming for a themed wedding. We didnt book them though because of the location- it lives up to its name and it is quite hard to go there.

7. Amaranth Garden
This is accessible via Mindanao avenue and the last time I checked, their rate was 20k for the venue.My sister and I tried looking for the place twice- with google maps printouts, asking people from trike drivers to guard to gasoline boys to walking pedestrians and yet FAIL-we couldn't find it; and so I thought- I don't want our guests going through the same thing. Of course, we might have missed crucial details or we're simply not familiar with the place so try to check it out yourself...

8. casa español

This is another beautiful venue in the Novaliches/Mindanao Avenue area but same with Secret Garden and Amaranth, we didnt put it on top of our list bec. of the fear of our guests getting lost. They have packages and according to their site http://casaespanol.multiply.com/, they now have a facebook page and their home page says

"The garden venue can accommodate 50 to 180 guests.

We are located just 5 minutes away from TRINOMA and SM North Edsa.

For complete price listing, MENU list and amenities, email us at casaespanol@yahoo.com
Look for us at FACEBOOK at "Casa Espanol Garden Weddings"

so check it our if you're interested.

these are all I can think of right now.till next time!

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