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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In good hands: Junnel Maranan as our videographer, Bhok Ramos as our photographer

I am blatantly admitting that they are not our first choice. We really really wanted to get rockin' duo as I was already eyeing their work as early as two years prior to the wedding. However(and here comes the big sigh), I texted them last June (10 months to go) and they were no longer available on our date.
our first love....
Many photographers/videographers are talented but their prices are skyrocket that some are at the point of being absurd so rockin duo's affordable rate + their skill is what sets them apart. Long story short, since the rockin duo team was not available, we contacted several photographers and videographers before we ended up with this combo.

Why? Because of several criteria that made us feel like they can pull off on making our wedding date immortal.

1)-It makes me feel "important" when a prospect supplier replies immediately. I know that they are very busy and I appreciate it tremendously when they reply promptly to queries. These two reply as soon as they can.

2)-The price. Most suppliers would cost more when you get their services stand alone. However, for these two, the prices combined together are still very reasonable. Our contract price with sir junnel was 3****, which is a very reasonable price considering that it includes the onsite video and it's already HD!
As for sir bhok, his rate is 4 figures for services only to cover the entire shoot, which is a steal considering that we'll have two photographers
Combining both, we'd pay less than 50,000 including an onsite video. I had to emphasize that since it was the deal breaker for other good p/v suppliers we found. They usually had basic packages at around 30-50k and we needed to add 10-20k for the onsite video.

3) They were so accommodating and there werent hidden charges!
-On our initial meeting with sir junnel, he even gave us the option NOT to give a downpayment first though he and his family came all the way from cavite since he wanted us to be sure of getting his services..
-sir bhok sent me the contract already and I didnt feel pressured at all about getting his services yet he was already treating us as reserved clients. I had to highlight this since there were some suppliers that we contacted that were either a little persistent or made us feel as if it didnt matter if we got him/them or not.

4) they had sample work and their prices are published outright on their websites. I'm sorry but I just dont get suppliers that you had to email about their prices. Some p/v are really really good but I think couples should know outright how much they charge since it's a waste of time asking if it's beyond your budget. Second, artists' work should speak for itself and sorry to say for those without sample work, but all the blah is useless if I am unable to see for myself that you are good.

This is an outright advertisement of our suppliers.harhar...we cant wait to see them soon to make our memorable day imprints..

my fave shot from sir bhok's weddings up to date

my fave work of sir junnel because of the song :)

giddy all over again.till next time!

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Luminance Imaging inc. said...

hi mam april,

sorry for everything & all the hassle & we really regret not being able to cover your wedding last april 28th. but thank you for appreciating our work with previous clients.

bhok ramos

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