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Sunday, December 18, 2011

hot hot hot pink wedding flowers

I used to say that I wanted green flowers but I realized that the colors would be..well, for lack of a better word, BORING. Then I realized..why not use pink flowers? It would be a nice contrast with the brown and blue and there are more choices..CASE IN POINT: The bouquet below made entirely of pink flowers..

Needless to say, flowers undeniably make a wedding much much prettier and somehow make you feel dreamy and romantic like you can fall into a romantic sleep for the rest of your life. However, in the absence of preservation efforts, most flowers would wilt after a week so hubby to be and I vowed not to spend too much on flowers. Some measures that we have talked about are:

1. To stick/make do with the flower arrangement inclusions in the church. The walk down the aisle would undeniably be prettier with many blooms but given the financial constraints, it was definitely just a nice to have.

2. Provide "flower" alternatives to our flower girls. They are flower girls, i get that. I know, I know, I know. But girls will be girls! I can just see them scratching their heads because the wreaths are itchy and/or heavy or tearing the flowers in the baskets out of boredom...
ANOTHER CASE IN POINT:sir wynn's(our pre-nup photog) shot from another wedding he attended.

We found a supplier that makes rose pastillas and these cute alternatives would surely give our little girls something to pass time and have a gastronomic galore..instead of tearing blooms apart.

3. Go for corsages and buttonieres. We know that the ninangs and abays would be very happy with bouquets but corsages would serve the purpose without hurting our pockets. Based on the number of flowers, I guess a bouquet would cost 150 and up each whereas a corsage would cost less than a 100 bucks! for 5 ninangs and around 10 more female entourage members, that would be a favorable savings for us.

I've had a liking towards calla lilies and roses for the boutonnieres


gerbera corsages!

omg, just finished two posts in one sitting.. Wedding Blogging Fever is on! ^_^ Till Next

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