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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mr. Donut's Do-ssant

Haven't been able to join the "cronut" craze for a number of reasons but when I passed by the Mr. Donut kiosk in Tektite this afternoon, couldnt resist any longer and had to get one for myself!

Mr Donut had four variants- Dark Chocolate, Glazed, Sugar Raised and Cinnamon. Naturally, I tried dark chocolate and here goes:

1. This baby reminded me a lot of Napoleones, that sweet sweet heaven in a square from Bacolod and other Panay provinces. It was probably because of the layers of pastry tucked with bavarian creme and glazed "thingy" I dunno what to call

those layers were quite heaven ^_^

2. It would be hard to eat this on a regular day when you just want a normal sized dessert. The dossant was about the size of an average cup saucer and after more than five mouthfuls, my stomach was close to bursting and the sweetness became a bit overpowering

I took it at this angle to emphasize the height..it was at least 2 inches

3. Because of that, it was very filling and quite worth the price, especially since they didnt use the standard milk chocolate for the coating.

Each do-ssant costs 65 pesos. I dunno how it would fare compared to the others but given its price, it was okay enough for me..4/5 taking everything into consideration..

Until the next chow session! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Many times, I am greatly deluded that my ideas are "extraordinary" and unique and become totally dismayed if I realized that somebody else has thought of it before me. The same goes for these birthday bingo cards- I thought I was the first to come up with it but when I googled, lo and behold, many others have come before me( sniff sniff). Nonetheless, I still thought it was a great idea so I pushed through with it!

We would use these as "fillers" in between segments of my son's party program and serve as something that both children and adults alike can do. Looking for the pictures was easy and I just googled images that I wanted to use.

Notice that I am very low tech so I just used excel in making the cards. So far, I have nine cards and I plan to make more combinations later...Also, instead of the standard 5x5 bingo card, I just made it 5x3 so as not to have a headache in making so many combinations. Because of this, there's no more "free" box in the middle.
 I also "created" five categories- 
Add caption
After doing these in between payroll tasks, expenses, coe requests and what have you, I'm happy with the result and here they are in person..
Tadaaaaaaaaaaa! :)

Counting the days till our little boy turns one!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thoughts On Baby # 2

Before you jump to conclusions, no, I am not pregnant, and no plans of having a second one within the year. Haha! However, I do admit that I am at a crossroad because of my check-up yesterday.

I had pre-eclampsia when I gave birth to Reese- My BP rose to 180/100 in the few hours leading to my c section. Reese had medication since his birthday for a week because he got affected by my UTI. After that, it took a while for my health to be back to "normal" and until now, my weight is slighter greater than what it used to be. Late last year, I had UTI again and there was still protein trace, a concern because my BP is still at 120 and it meant that my kidneys cannot process protein properly. The doctor told me that I had to do a repeat urinalysis after a few weeks and if there was still protein trace, I would have to do a kidney ultrasound and we would talk about the intervention from then.

Tuesday night, my hips hurt and so I decided to have a check up and finally do the repeat urinalysis. I was grinning like crazy when I saw the result- no more protein trace!! The doctor said the pain is probably from carrying heavy "things", and given that Reese is currently 9 kilograms, it was perfect understandable.

After that, the next thing that came to mind was baby # 2. Before, I was on a 70-30 standing that I dont want to have a second baby. Thinking about the sleepless nights of pregnancy, the things I werent allowed to do, the crazy hormones, the terrifying experience at the hospital, I was almost certain that Reese was enough. But that urinalysis did wonders in swaying my mindset.. I won't lie in saying that since Reese is a boy, we do want a daughter for a second baby.

I stayed in dreamland for the rest of the day thinking about pink tutus and ballerina gowns and doll shoes and the prospect of sharing boyfriend stories with an imaginary daughter.
and I'm back in dreamland :)
And so I decided that for us to really have a second baby(hopefully a girl), there are three conditions I want to set on myself

1. I must have transferred to a new job with better pay.
-The keywords here are transferred and better pay. Don't get me wrong, my present job isn't that bad but if I do get pregnant, it means having to stay another year or so, which I'm not sure if I am willing to do so. Second, our current income is barely enough for our expenses and if there will be another baby in tow, it wont be enough for the four of us.

It'll be nice if a baby girl is added to this equation <3
2. We must have moved to our real home
We currently live with my parents and though they have been nothing short of gracious to us. However, I would love for us to move to our home before we have baby #2- surely, my current room would be too small for four people

3. I must lose some weight!- 
Science would be on our opposing side if I keep on gaining weight so I'm planning to skip those tempting hotdogs, boiled corn, fudge sundaes and frappuccinos to increase our chances of having a second baby..(AND SO HELP ME GOD T_T)

As always, until the next thought bubble!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


It sounds so konyo but I have been so accustomed to referring to Divisoria as Divi, it feels weird to say it otherwise :D With ze sister in tow, I went to Divi to buy initial supplies for Reese's birthday.

Divisoria is really the reliable go to place for cheap supplies, especially if you plan to buy in bulk. Quality and durability are different stories nonetheless but since I assume that we will only be using these items once or twice, I think they are still awesome deals compared to pricier counterparts in malls

To back track, we plan to have a safari jungle theme for Reese's party so here are the items I bought in Divi:

Disclaimer: Didnt post actual pics so as not to spoil the surprise and just googled images that came close ^_^


Price: 164 per box(24 pieces) or around 6.83 per piece
Kwento: Who doesn't love bubbles? At first, I couldn't think of a giveaway that would be a hit among children of different ages but when I saw the bubbles, couldn't believe I didn't think of it before! We'd definitely personalize the label of the bubbles, but that would have to wait for now

The actual design of the bubbles we got were cola bottles but this is the closest I saw on the net :D

Price:4.50 per sheet x 36 sheets
Kwento: Notice that I got less stickers because we actually plan to give the bubbles to adults as well but the bubbles are purely for the kids. I initially saw a different sheet that had cuter stickers but at 8 pesos per sheet, it was out of budget so ze lady pointed me to these stickers. Luckily, I saw these Madagascar stickers and a 2nd design which fit perfectly our theme

Thanks to joiztolero.blogspot.com
Basta imagine nio nalang wild animal si Mickey.. ahehehe

Price: 21 pesos per pack of 24= .87 cents each
Kwento: I might be crazy for saying that I wasn't so happy with this purchase only because it was an impulsive purchase! Saw these in a store in Juan Luna and bought them immediately, only to realize that there were many other stores after that one! Still, at less than one pesos each item, we cant go wrong with these uber cute horns :)


Price: 10 pesos per plate
Kwento: We call these Nito or Bistay in Bulacan but they only show up on Google if I type Nito. We have about 40 of these at home so I just bought a dozen to add up to our existing supplies. 
Disclaimer: They can be quite heavy or bulky when bought in a large number so limit your purchase to 2 dozens per person x number of people who will carry them home

Price: 40 pesos per yard
Kwento: I think this cloth would look really tacky if used for an actual piece of clothing due to the sabog design and awfully large head of a tiger on the cloth but for my purpose, it's absolutely perfect! I'm thinking of cutting up this cloth for a variety of items so I didnt mind the sabog design at all.

The cloth looked something like this :D

It was a very tiring day but nonetheless very fulfilling. I think my stage mother hormones just increased by about a gallon. ahahahaha.. Till the next post!

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