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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thoughts On Baby # 2

Before you jump to conclusions, no, I am not pregnant, and no plans of having a second one within the year. Haha! However, I do admit that I am at a crossroad because of my check-up yesterday.

I had pre-eclampsia when I gave birth to Reese- My BP rose to 180/100 in the few hours leading to my c section. Reese had medication since his birthday for a week because he got affected by my UTI. After that, it took a while for my health to be back to "normal" and until now, my weight is slighter greater than what it used to be. Late last year, I had UTI again and there was still protein trace, a concern because my BP is still at 120 and it meant that my kidneys cannot process protein properly. The doctor told me that I had to do a repeat urinalysis after a few weeks and if there was still protein trace, I would have to do a kidney ultrasound and we would talk about the intervention from then.

Tuesday night, my hips hurt and so I decided to have a check up and finally do the repeat urinalysis. I was grinning like crazy when I saw the result- no more protein trace!! The doctor said the pain is probably from carrying heavy "things", and given that Reese is currently 9 kilograms, it was perfect understandable.

After that, the next thing that came to mind was baby # 2. Before, I was on a 70-30 standing that I dont want to have a second baby. Thinking about the sleepless nights of pregnancy, the things I werent allowed to do, the crazy hormones, the terrifying experience at the hospital, I was almost certain that Reese was enough. But that urinalysis did wonders in swaying my mindset.. I won't lie in saying that since Reese is a boy, we do want a daughter for a second baby.

I stayed in dreamland for the rest of the day thinking about pink tutus and ballerina gowns and doll shoes and the prospect of sharing boyfriend stories with an imaginary daughter.
and I'm back in dreamland :)
And so I decided that for us to really have a second baby(hopefully a girl), there are three conditions I want to set on myself

1. I must have transferred to a new job with better pay.
-The keywords here are transferred and better pay. Don't get me wrong, my present job isn't that bad but if I do get pregnant, it means having to stay another year or so, which I'm not sure if I am willing to do so. Second, our current income is barely enough for our expenses and if there will be another baby in tow, it wont be enough for the four of us.

It'll be nice if a baby girl is added to this equation <3
2. We must have moved to our real home
We currently live with my parents and though they have been nothing short of gracious to us. However, I would love for us to move to our home before we have baby #2- surely, my current room would be too small for four people

3. I must lose some weight!- 
Science would be on our opposing side if I keep on gaining weight so I'm planning to skip those tempting hotdogs, boiled corn, fudge sundaes and frappuccinos to increase our chances of having a second baby..(AND SO HELP ME GOD T_T)

As always, until the next thought bubble!

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