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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Many times, I am greatly deluded that my ideas are "extraordinary" and unique and become totally dismayed if I realized that somebody else has thought of it before me. The same goes for these birthday bingo cards- I thought I was the first to come up with it but when I googled, lo and behold, many others have come before me( sniff sniff). Nonetheless, I still thought it was a great idea so I pushed through with it!

We would use these as "fillers" in between segments of my son's party program and serve as something that both children and adults alike can do. Looking for the pictures was easy and I just googled images that I wanted to use.

Notice that I am very low tech so I just used excel in making the cards. So far, I have nine cards and I plan to make more combinations later...Also, instead of the standard 5x5 bingo card, I just made it 5x3 so as not to have a headache in making so many combinations. Because of this, there's no more "free" box in the middle.
 I also "created" five categories- 
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After doing these in between payroll tasks, expenses, coe requests and what have you, I'm happy with the result and here they are in person..
Tadaaaaaaaaaaa! :)

Counting the days till our little boy turns one!

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christine.rosas said...

Hehehe...very nice... Kailangan manalo ako dito lol!

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