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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Supplier's Rating: Tanghalang Pasigueño

Out of all the excitement after our wedding and as I browse the list of past posts that I've published, it is only now that I realize that I havent made a supplier's rating of our beloved wedding venue! Kaloka, this post is 11 months too late :P But as they say, better late than never so here goes:

Peso Power: 15,000 4 hour use of the hallway, airconditioned, weekend 2012 rate

The Kwento:
As a fruit of hours and hours of googling, I came upon this venue and I was really in awe. Ang ganda ganda nia!!! Hubby and I first went there together in June 2011 and parang ayoko na umalis at that time..I wanted to daydream the whole day. The facade was really something beautiful and at that time, I could just imagine our guests being in awe as well as they enter the venue. When we entered, I was more captivated because the chandeliers were really beautiful and knowing how expensive drapes are, it was a big bonus for us that we didnt need drapes because the chandeliers were already outstanding. We werent decided the first time kasi nga ang layo but to cut the story short, dito kami natuloy and the rest,as they say, is history

The Pros:

1. Very Cheap!

We came across venues that were cheaper than Tanghalan but none of them were airconditioned. It was a must for us to get an airconditioned venue since our church was already an open air one and given that our wedding was on a hot and humid summer day, we really made it a point to get an airconditioned venue. Also, some venues either asked extra depending on the number of pax, caterer's fee, electrical fee and so on, but the only increase in price that we experienced with them was that iba ang rate kapag weekend.
notice all the wires? Our videographer had a lot of electrical equipment but they didnt charge us extra...

2. They follow a one-event per day per venue and they're not rigid with time

Most venues charge extra if you exceed the blocked time pero with Tangahalan, they dont have extra charges even if you exceed the blocked sched for as long as you dont go over midnight.. I was also very thankful that they dont accept 2 events per venue kasi kung hindi, ngarag talaga ang caterers..Our reception was set to start at 5pm pero our caterer was able to start set-up at 10am

3. The venue "delivered"
I was anxious that the venue might be too crowded on the day itself pero awa ng Diyos kinaya naman ang 250 guests namin, though a bit cramped na sa bandang likod. I was also thankful that they provided the tiffany chairs without much hassle, isang sabi lang namin nag-agree agad sila. I was also skeptical about the airconditioning kasi when we had an occular in December 2011, bukas na ung aircon at wala pang tao pero ung temp, you'd think the venue was already full. On our wedding day, I had a chance to pass by the rear part(andun kasi ung room na ginamit namin for the retouch) and the temp there was okay, hindi mainit kahit medyo sulok na sya

Ang "mahiwagang pagtakbo" namin ni Hubby papasok sa venue

This table was at the farther end pero ok pa rin naman :)

The Cons:

1. Parking
Ang laki ng parking sa harap ng venue but the Pasig City buses are there permanently. I say permanently kasi sa 4 na beses na pagpunta namin dun ni Hubby-the first was in June 2011 to do an occular, July 2011 for the initial deposit, December 2011 for the food tasting and March 2012 for the final payment, the buses were always there. Medyo nakakahinayang lang kasi anlaki sana ng parking space-good for about 20 cars but since the buses were there, I had no idea where our guests parked that night. I think a few cars were able to park inside but the rest just "tuck" themselves in the nooks of the city hall complex
The facade obscured by the buses. I cant remember exactly, but I think there were four of them that day.

2. Minor concerns with the Staff
There's one lady who consistently assisted us everytime we went back but she was a bit lutang. Yung tipong  tatanungin nia ung katabi nia kung asan na ung ganitong file, kung ano na nga ba ang gagawin, and so on. She was kind nonetheless and she was very prompt in assisting us but it would have been better if she had a doze of confidence in what she did.

Another concern that we had , which wasnt entirely fault on their end was the guards on duty that day. 3 beses nagpicture sila Kuya sa photobooth namin. I know that the supplier could have refused him politely kasi at the end of the day- hindi naman namin sila bisita. Also, we had a limited number of printouts kasi mura lang naman sya and nabawasan pa lalo because of Kuya's shots. I hope the admin could prevent such incidents in the future para naman hindi tainted ang memories of those who book the venue.

not 1, not 2 but 3!!!!!!!!ansakit sa bangs!!!!!

The final verdict:

I know some people who are apprehensive in dealing with government employees and in getting their services kasi minsan inefficient talaga at hindi maganda. Despite the minor concerns we had with them, we still recommend Tanghalang Pasigueno. They were very straight forward with the rates, accommodating and the place is well maintained. Kung hindi lang to malayo samin I would prefer to hold all our future events here since the rates are very reasonable. Thanks Tanghalan!


Unknown said...

15000 po yung payment niyo for the venue? thanks

Arnold and April said...

@Mheck Mila
yes, 15,000 hallway weekend rate..
10,000 ung hallway kapag weekday.
Check mo din ung garden nila, mas mura pa sha though open space kasi un

Unknown said...

thank. pede na, dyan nlng ako ang venue ng kasal. mura pa at d hassle. free tips pa pls

Unknown said...

How much kapag hindi hallway?

Thank you

Arnold and April said...

Hi Anna. Sorry hindi ko alam kasi ung ibang venues for smaller gatherings lang below 100pax kaya di na namin tinanong. Meron din sila sa Garden, I believe 5k lang kapag weekend pero open kasi un, mejo mainit unlike the hallway na airconditioned :)

Unknown said...

hi poh... ask ko lng poh kung ganun pa din kaya ang price pag hallway poh and saan poh banda yung garden nila?

Arnold and April said...

Hi. Diko po sure kung same pa din ang price ng hallway, better cguro kung iconfirm sa kanila.. ang garden sa gilid lang din sha. Mas malawak un though hindi lahat ng parts may shade so problema kapag umulan :)

Anonymous said...

Hello? I want to ask kung kasama na po tables, chairs and sound system dun?

Arnold and April said...

@Mae Farala
The tables were provided by our caterer, usually kasi caterer nagpoprovide nun though you can ask Tanghalan if they have tables. They have about 200 tiffany chairs that they lend for free though first-come first-serve. Sound system, we also got for a fee from our caterer. Hope this helps!

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