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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The things that I love and hate about pregnancy

Don't get me wrong, being blessed with a child has been the best gift that God has given us. However, I do admit that there are times when it has been hard and so I'd like to share some of the best and worst encounters I've had as a pregnant woman

The things I love
1. I love it each time our little angel moves.
- Our baby has been moving constantly at particular intervals within the day and it has been happening for the past few weeks but I still feel overwhelmed every time he moves. Sorry for the comparison but it's like having a really playful fish inside my belly. I specifically love it when he responds to specific sounds such as pop music, barking dogs or my husband's voice. He even responds when I rub my big round belly, he'd kick extra hard just to lemme know that he felt it ^_^. There are also cute moments when he's respond to the sound of barking dogs from the tv :D

Since he's "like a fish", I've put a rudimentary fish figure as part of my personal touch on his frog suit :)

2. I love shopping for baby stuff!
-My sister literally shouted when she put one of the mittens on the palm of her hand- "Oh my God! My hands once fitted in these!" and I couldnt blame her. It is a humbling experience holding and touching baby stuff to know that we were once that small as our parents took care of us. I also can't help but gush everytime I see cute prints, socks and everything baby stuff related on the Internet- technology makes it so much more fun!

A world of blue! Statement bibs, cloth diapers(that I have modified) and onesies with cutie designs and matching bibs :)

3. I love it that I have an excuse to eat.
I have never been slim and the most I can say was that I once had average weight and so I was always so sensitive every time somebody noticed that I ate too much. Nowadays, people just find it funny or cute every time they see me munching on something and it's a nice change from all the judgment and scolding I used to get ^_^.

4. I love courtesy lanes
There were times in the past when I'd pass off as pregnant in train stations and everywhere else...when I wasn't pregnant yet. It hurt to some extent but quite understandable- as I said, I was never slim for my height. Now, however, I'm lovin it that I am really qualified to be in courtesy lanes especially in government agencies.

5. I love it that our parents are really excited about this baby!
Our angel is the first born grandchild on both sides - hence I have long accepted(sigh) that this baby will be spoiled  very very spoiled. The first time that my father in law found out I was pregnant, he immediately asked me if the baby was a boy or a girl. My Dad, on the other hand, joked(quite convincingly) that he would steal our baby. (",)

The things I hate about pregnancy

1. I hate that so many things have changed in my body.
The body changes..where do I even begin?? My neck and underarms are as dark as the night, my nose is like a big ripe tomato, and my feet seem  have grown to double their size since I became pregnant. From a size 8, I now wear size 9 everything and my brassiere size has been 2 sizes 1 cup bigger and to think that I have always been busty..even for my body type.

2. I hate the aches, icks and pains that I feel from time to time
I'm constantly doing research on the Internet just to check that everythin' I'm feeling is normal, and sadly(or gladly), they're all normal, and actually within the lower limit of the world of body pain :(
-Until now, I still gag after eating breakfast, especially if I've had too much to drink
-This is the worst since I get leg cramps at night, which they say is due to lack of fluids. So each night, I'd have to choose if I'd rather have leg cramps or gag for half an hour or so
-I get heartburn if I'm full and I get stomach ache if I go hungry for more than 30 minutes...Finding the perfect balance on how much to eat has been a real problem, especially since pregnancy has been accompanied by weird, unpredictable and sometimes hard to appease food cravings

3. I cant do things that were once normal and not a big deal
-I've had regular salon treatments for my frizzy curly hair but I cant have my hair done just to be sure since the chemicals might affect my baby.
-I often get headaches from lack thereof or too much sleep and nowadays I just have to bear with it naturally
-I dunno how I look "down there" since I havent seen the lower part of my body since I was 16 weeks pregnant...I'm literally shaving blindly :p

I've grown more affection and love for the people who contributed to having this baby come into being- My mother, my mother in law, grandparents and once in a while, I'd smile at a pregnant stranger with the unspoken words "I really do know how you feel".... Pregnancy is about giving life but it's also tough..so do bear that in mind next time you see a pregnant lady, eh?

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