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Friday, September 30, 2011

wanderlust of a bride to be

It's 3am and I'm supposed to be sleeping but I cant so I shant.haha..Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory makes my day any day. Anyhow, I looked at my profile pictures on facebook and realized my great love affair with travelling- 2010 and 2011 have been awesome years by far. From all the places I've been to, I realized that I have learned valuable insight on traveling, but mostly it's just common sense I'd like to put into writing.

I've always wanted to go Singapore but I never thought  I'd be able to with 600 pesos. Not literally, but our tickets only cost 600 pesos and that's roundtrip. yep, roundtrip. Dream of that one place that you've always wanted to go to and do your best to achieve that dream vacation.

Search Engines and the Internet are two of the best things that happened to backpacking. Maximize the power of the internet and look for as much information as you can. For example, only after googling have I learned that the places that we will visit in Cebu are literally spread across the province and it was also through browsing that I learned that most paid attractions in Singapore go over 30 sgd...but some things still come for free... :)

no, I'm not being paradoxical. I just mean that flights will be late, traffic will always be there, the bus will not always come on time and things will be more expensive than u expected. Always be on your toes while travelling and never let the small things ruin your trip. Always have a back up plan so that if things dont go as planned, you wont be so bummed out. Likewise, be flexible at all times and cross out some things in your checklist if it means you'll be safer and/or enjoy more.

4. Take as many photos as you can!
The Pasalubong will be eaten and given away, your memory will betray you sometimes, souvenir shirts will fade and be damaged in time but photos are your best reminders of a wonderful vacation...Photos can also betray you- Beautiful pictures dont always equate with beautiful places in the same way that some pictures dont do justice to the place because the places are way better in person...

I wanted to post pictures but laziness got the better part of me..so bye-bye peeps.. Until the next musing or wedding preps related post!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blue and Brown DIY wedding cord: Pure Labor of Love

I went to trinoma yesterday planning to buy my cord sponsor's dress. However, it was no longer available and lo and behold, I ended up buying thingies for our diy wedding cord, the inspiration of which and the whole concept only came yesterday. After less than 24 hours, I am proud to say that it's done.

Below is a quick guide on how I made it in case future brides are planning to do the same. However, I believe that it is not so cheap considering other options so this was purely a matter of wanting to do our cord by myself and having it personalized. I originally wanted a rosary cord but that's a whole new story altogether so here goes:

The materials that I used are:

5 meters of rope kinda thingie for the body(you might want to add more if you want it thicker)=12 pesos/meter x 5=60
4 meters of 1cm brown ribbon for the extension 5/meter x4=20
4 meters of 1/2 cm ribbon for the body= 3/meter x4=12
the god knows what cloth used for petticoats =existing supply at home
1/2 of 2 sequin packs from divi= 7x2=14/2=7
1/2 of 2 bead packs from divi=5x2=10/2=5
lots of thread of your color of choice
glue gun and glue sticks

1. I approximated how long each loop would be then the excess part served as the extension which I would later decorate. I wanted the cord to be thicker so I twisted one side of both loops(back side) and the front side remained as is. On every twist, I used hot glue to keep it in place. After gluing all the twists, I tied it in the middle and by the end, the body looked like a seemingly typical wedding cord:

2. then, I covered every bit of the extension with brown ribbon which was easier said than done and the result was not so perfect. 2 alternative options would be to
1. put the ribbon in a swirling direction but leave out space like what I did with the blue part
2. buy brown rope thingie but the colored ones are much more stiff which I didnt like

3. After that, i made heart cutouts and sew them like small pillows and filled them with cotton. After that, I put sequins and beads. I put them in the extension part and they are love!

4. Next, I covered the main part with blue ribbon but this time, I put spaces which was a very sensible thing to do because it was much faster and easier to do it well.

Voila! Our wedding cord is done! I'm still thinking of adding trinkets such as our initials or endearment but that can wait and at least, our cord is passable. Sabi nga ni h2b when he saw it " Wow, pwede na yan. Kahit hindi mo na dagdagan, okay na." Yung buhok ko ang haba, pakisuklay naman :D

I was so excited I even hung it up on two chairs para ala wedding na talaga. Pure labor of love talaga since it took me around 7 hours to do it with tv on the side and 100 pesos but it was well worth it coz at least, my attention got diverted to the fact that I now lack one entou gown. sigh.

The finished product
I'm planning to put trinkets sa tail soI'm not sure if I'd still make a 3rd heart...

I love how it falls and how the heart creates some kinda valley between us when worn on our big day ^_^

Hope you gained some ideas..Feel free to ask questions re making this. tah-tah!

Monday, September 5, 2011

fickly finicky fickle minded me

there's no such word as fickly but it just sounded so good that I included it in this title. Anyway, there are some blogs/sites that I always visit wedding wise...the bloggers are married sisses and future brides like me who share their thoughts re anything and everything about weddings..One of them is projectdreamwedding.blogspot.com since I looooove Sis Eyzel's products and her creativity.

i thought I had my wedding gown all figured out since the design I have in mind hits many birds with one stone. First, it is very close to my mom's wedding gown(which i originally intended on wearing) so I'd still feel connected to her through it. Next, it made of very light material which I looooove since I want to be able to move on our special day. Lastly, illusion neckline gowns are the fad nowadays and who wouldnt want to be stylish and fashionable?

But, sis eyzel uploaded pictures of stars who attended the Star Magic Ball and Iya's gown really struck me. It is still very close to the gown I like but with a twist of a seemingly highwasted skirt and that would make my gown even more unique, stylish and still uso. Given that bluntly speaking I'm tabachingching, it will also do a better job of hiding my tummy.hehe..Hay, eksyated nakoooooooo!

Here goes sisses and bros:
I'd modify this a little so that the fabric is still lightweight and it'll be short sleeved.

Meanwhile, below is the gown which I originally thought is "perfect", a part of Reem Acra's collection:
help help help....help me decide!!!!!
till next time friends ^_^

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