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Monday, September 5, 2011

fickly finicky fickle minded me

there's no such word as fickly but it just sounded so good that I included it in this title. Anyway, there are some blogs/sites that I always visit wedding wise...the bloggers are married sisses and future brides like me who share their thoughts re anything and everything about weddings..One of them is projectdreamwedding.blogspot.com since I looooove Sis Eyzel's products and her creativity.

i thought I had my wedding gown all figured out since the design I have in mind hits many birds with one stone. First, it is very close to my mom's wedding gown(which i originally intended on wearing) so I'd still feel connected to her through it. Next, it made of very light material which I looooove since I want to be able to move on our special day. Lastly, illusion neckline gowns are the fad nowadays and who wouldnt want to be stylish and fashionable?

But, sis eyzel uploaded pictures of stars who attended the Star Magic Ball and Iya's gown really struck me. It is still very close to the gown I like but with a twist of a seemingly highwasted skirt and that would make my gown even more unique, stylish and still uso. Given that bluntly speaking I'm tabachingching, it will also do a better job of hiding my tummy.hehe..Hay, eksyated nakoooooooo!

Here goes sisses and bros:
I'd modify this a little so that the fabric is still lightweight and it'll be short sleeved.

Meanwhile, below is the gown which I originally thought is "perfect", a part of Reem Acra's collection:
help help help....help me decide!!!!!
till next time friends ^_^


Rea Mallari said...

I might start to be your most faithful commentator (mass?!) haha...
Okay...I like the second one better, yung may short sleeves. Pero ang cons nito ay it will emphasize your arms. Pero kung toned naman ang arms mo ala-Jessica Biel, walang problema! :)
May iba pa bang options? :)

Arnold and April said...

Nyahaha...Thanks for reading and commenting on the posts...
Naku, my arms are way way big to be compared to hers.hehe.. But I really like the flowy feel kasi ang dami ko kakilala nagrereklamo afterwards sa bigat ng gown..

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