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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Zark's Burger- TAFT

I went to DOLE NCR this morning to process my boss' permit and was contemplating on whether I'd buy a BK stunner for my lunch or settle for a carinderia meal somewhere in front of the Bureau of Immigration(my next stop)..I was about to ride an fx, looked up and saw their logo and I decided to give it a go..After all, I rarely say no to an opportunity to have an awesome burger! Here are my notes to my first (and definitely not my last visit) to their Taft branch:

The Place:
'Twas my first visit and I was going up, I was still on the steps of the stairs but the smell was already very strong and inviting. Probably because of the structure of the building, their space reminds you a lot of a computer shop, only instead of the game posters, their posters are taped all over the place.

As you walk in, you'll be reminded a lot of a burger joint or watering hole in American shows and movies that you see- counter on the left side, small cozy tables and a live NBA game on the TV in the corner.

The Menu:
I was given a menu and true enough, there were about a dozen burger variations- the upper half choices are more "conservative", slightly bigger than your fastfood burgers, with a few similarities and distinctions that tell them apart. The bottom half were for those who crave for more- including their jawbreaker- which from research, I have gained to be one of their best sellers and surely seems to live up to its name.

I went for the Classic American burger which costs 120- with BLT and their classic patty. Add 20 and you get fries and an iced tea as well.
My lunch for that day. Yumyum!

They have unique dessert offering such as the fried mars and fried snickers and though I was interested to try them, they were a bit pricey at 125.

The burger:
The size of the burger was good enough-as I said, slightly bigger than your fastfood burger but not too big. What I hate about these type of burgers is that it's almost impossible to have every ingredient in one bite-on one bite, I had a looooooooooooong stretch of bacon that took at least 3 minutes to chew(hihihihi) and on another, it was all ketchup, buns and lettuce. Nonetheless, I knew that each ingredient was fresh and meticulously picked..and I loved it

A closer look: there was so much more bacon in person... ^_^
The fries:
Not much to say, except that they were fresh and not your "fast food" french fries that are so freakin thin and taste the same after a few days. These babies were freshly peeled potatoes and by the quantity, I'd say they used two small potatoes for every order.

I wish the place would look more like a burger place from the outside. Like I said, it looked like a computer shop rather than a burger joint.
I'm not sure if I didnt notice it or there really werent any, but I'd love for their menu to have shakes and the like, to complete that American burger joint vibe.

My work entails a lot of visits to DOLE NCR so I know for a fact that this was just the first of many visits to come. See u soon Zark's burgers!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Because a Facebook status is not enough...

Tomorrow, Reese will go on his first swimming trip and I was about to post a Facebook status but from all the things I wanted to say, it was getting longer and longer so I decided to just blog...

I can't believe it's been 6 months since he came to our lives, 6 months since I first started comparing diaper prices and their absorbing power. Hubby and I(to fair, mostly hubby) have been waking up once or twice at night to attend to his needs for 6 months. We have been washing cloth diapers, feeding bottles, buying milk and water and taking care of a bouncing baby boy for six months. 

I remember how our life was before he came before I got pregnant. I remember the sound sleep(which I still get more than hubby), the milk teas I was able to afford, the climbs I was able to join, and my arms were not bound to carry a boy who gets kilig (at the thought of roaming around the house) when we step out of the bedroom. I remember not caring that much if traffic is bad because hubby would understand if I come home late, not caring if die before 50 because I know I lived a good life, not caring if we don't have savings because at least, we enjoyed the things we loved.

But now that Reese is here, we would always wake up once or twice at night when he needs a changin' or milk; I only drink milk tea whenever I have excess pocket money; I get left behind on climbs and miss out the jokes and the photo ops; I am digging deep in my soul my non-existent singing talent to lull a baby to sleep; I get pissed when traffic is bad because it means less time with Reese; I am learning to save (I'll get there someday, promise!), I am trying my best to eat less meat because I wanna be strong and able for Reese when he becomes a father.

So what I really wanted to say was.....my heart is swelling with love, pride, and joy that he is growing so well, that he is in our lives, that I became a mom.. and no amount of milk teas I missed and climbs I wasn't able to join would ever be better than having him. They simply fail by comparison.
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