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Monday, February 15, 2016

Under The Sea Party @ Three

The stage mother is back!!! Hehehe. Our darling Reese will turn three in May, and of course, three months into the date, ze stage mother (aka: ME), had a Eureka moment and decided that the theme will be, yes, UNDER THE SEA.

Our boy is such a water baby that at this point, he only had two ways to look post swimming:
1) You're-the-meanest-parent-ever-for-asking-me-to-stop-swimming 
(IF we ask him to stop swimming at the right time)

2) I-don't-feel-cold-I'm-still-okay-don't-mind-me 
(IF we wait for that wrinkly-palm moment when his teeth start to chatter from the cold)

Hence, it was suppah easy to pick this theme because it fits our boy annnndd and goes along the usual shades of blue. Why Blue? Because even if I am gender-sensitive and all, most products for boys(from clothes to party favors to rash gards, almost every freakin' thing) are blue, so this makes my life hella easier.

Since this is a party in the making, can't show you my own pics yet, but here's a mix of pics I found online if you're interested in the same theme.

I can just see myself rockin' those fish cut outs! The original picture came from 

Such Cute Food Toppers! 

I'm not completely sold on the sand-pail thing but I like the contrast of blue and orange

It won't be complete without the personalized lootbags!!!

Not an octopus but a starfish, perhaps? Hehehe

Might replace that big annoying figurine of Spongebob but other than that, this looks perfect!
I'll be back with updates on the toppers and all once I'm done and a thought bubble comes along. Ciao!!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

View Park Hotel Tagaytay

This is a long, long, long overdue post from our check-in at the hotel 5 months ago(did I say long)? Hahahaha....Anyways, now that I've left that mind draining work in Eastwood, my brain is "functional" again to do fun, creative, fell-good thingies like blogging!

So... what led us here?

The hubby and I celebrated our tenth year of being together(which, by present standards is like a century given that people break up before they can say third monthsary), and I think it called for a more-than the usual celeb, hence Tagaytay!

For staycation and the likes, I have three qualifications: Buffet Breakfast Included, Pool, Internet. Breakfast- because, come on, what's the point of staying in a hotel if I'm expected to pay extra for it, worse go outside to have a fill? Pool, because if I'm shelling out a few thousand bucks to sleep overnight, I gotta get some water fun with my boys. Internet- because in this day and age, no connectivity for a hotel is unacceptable. View Park met all three and the price was really pocket-friendly so it was a no-brainer to pick it among other hotels in Tagaytay.

If coming from the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, turn left and go straight for about a kilometer or so. It's on the left side almost across Picnic Grove, so you'd hardly miss it.

We got a Standard Room which was a steal at 2400ish. sorry, cant remember. It was petite but for our small party of three, it was enough. Check-in Process was breezy and in no time, we were led to our room and since we came from Manila, we napped for a bit before swimming.

This was just about the whole Standard Room. ItBorlogs kung borlogs ang boylets ko!

CR was squeaky clean
Standard toiletries. They also provided shampoo and conditioner but I failed to take pics

We didnt have our own pics of the pool and this is from the hotel's website. The pool was small though I doubt if making it bigger would have mattered- it was cold and I think Reese and I only dipped for less than an hour. Hubby just shrugged that it was too cold and watched us from the side.
From the hotel's Agoda website

We needed to be back in Manila before lunch so it nice that they serve breakfast at 6 or 7, I think. Not too many choices but food tasted okay, hindi tinipid, so twas fine with me.
The buffet stubs felt like raffle tickets. lols

Not too many choices but as long as my scrambled eggs are fluffy, I'm good :)

Family pic before Reese rushed to roam around the area

 All in all, I liked our quick vacay in View Park. The hotel actually looks nice from the outside and can be a location from simple photoshoots, if you're aiming for this kinda Italian vibe/look.
Also from the hotel's Agoda website. I imagined myself making emotera poses here :P

Here's a quick review of things to consider:


>Mid-range accommodation in Tagaytay that includes breakfast
>Super accommodating staff
>Cold aircon- Kinda stopped us from sleeping soundly kasi sobrang lamig but if you prefer a very cold room, I think this is a plus

>Faaaaar from the Sky Ranch-Taal Vista, Bag of Beans everything else area. We went to Mahogany Market to buy dinner and it took us a while to get back(traffic na)
>There's a view in the parking area na "slum area" ung feel. I think its from the adjacent property but still felt like they can do something about it.

Ansayaaaaa! Hopefully it doesnt take ages for me to make the next post. Ciao!!!

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