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Monday, February 15, 2016

Under The Sea Party @ Three

The stage mother is back!!! Hehehe. Our darling Reese will turn three in May, and of course, three months into the date, ze stage mother (aka: ME), had a Eureka moment and decided that the theme will be, yes, UNDER THE SEA.

Our boy is such a water baby that at this point, he only had two ways to look post swimming:
1) You're-the-meanest-parent-ever-for-asking-me-to-stop-swimming 
(IF we ask him to stop swimming at the right time)

2) I-don't-feel-cold-I'm-still-okay-don't-mind-me 
(IF we wait for that wrinkly-palm moment when his teeth start to chatter from the cold)

Hence, it was suppah easy to pick this theme because it fits our boy annnndd and goes along the usual shades of blue. Why Blue? Because even if I am gender-sensitive and all, most products for boys(from clothes to party favors to rash gards, almost every freakin' thing) are blue, so this makes my life hella easier.

Since this is a party in the making, can't show you my own pics yet, but here's a mix of pics I found online if you're interested in the same theme.

I can just see myself rockin' those fish cut outs! The original picture came from 

Such Cute Food Toppers! 

I'm not completely sold on the sand-pail thing but I like the contrast of blue and orange

It won't be complete without the personalized lootbags!!!

Not an octopus but a starfish, perhaps? Hehehe

Might replace that big annoying figurine of Spongebob but other than that, this looks perfect!
I'll be back with updates on the toppers and all once I'm done and a thought bubble comes along. Ciao!!!

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