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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Supplier's Rating: Quidos Grill

Rating: 4.5/5
Peso Power: 45,000 for first 120 pax
+ 10% service charge + delivery charge for tiffany chairs
inclusive of free fondue sampler + cake or backdrop
+ 380 for every additional guest

Kwento: I really, really, really wanted tiffany chairs. We found other suppliers who are cheaper than Quidos but since they were the cheapest among those who offer tiffany chairs, we decided to get them. We had our food tasting in Tribeca sa may Paranaque and their event that time was an office party kaya mejo iba ang setup, but we were impressed so we still decided to book them.

1. For the food, what you see is what you get. Ms Gina and Sir Jimmy do their food tastings on their events, so you're sure that the taste would be consistent and it was! Our guests kept complimenting us that the food was delicious. My siblings are very picky with food but when we got home, each one of them ate all their favorite- inubos ng brother ko ang fish fillet, my 2nd sister ate the roast beef and our youngest ate the chicken barbeque. We really owe this to Quidos, because guests remember your food forever and we can proudly say na hindi kami napahiya. I even have a friend who admitted that he got 4 servings of leche flan- para daw isang llanera. hahahaha.
The infamous flan ^_^

2. Though they charge for the tiffany chairs, it is still very minimal compared to others. they charge 3500 and you can have a max of 150 chairs so 3500/150=23 pesos! That's a far cry from the 80-120 pesos that other caterers charge for every tiffany chair rental.

3. They are very understanding with money matters. Our funds got delayed so we were late in the payment schemes- we werent able to meet th 50% dp on the set date and we only paid the balance 1 week before the wedding(the contract says we have to pay 2 weeks prior), but Ms Gina never complained and we really appreciated that.

4. Some things exceeded our expectation. The backdrop was really nice and we didnt expect that many flowers sa pillars kasi 3k lang naman ang fee. They added a few details as well na wala naman sa deal- like the japanese lanterns and the cocktail tables which came in handy during the dance. Also, we already knew that lights and the bubble machine would be a bonus in the sound system pero it was still nice to see and have 'em in person.
Sorry friends and family for your exposure.. Just wanted to expose a shot of the setup
I was really pleased that there were three pillars with flowers. I was only expecting 2 pillars without flowers.(Our friend Mike on the side while giving his speech)

I loved the lanterns! They minimized the awkwardness of the stairs :)

5. Their waters are really nice. They are very observant and honest. We moved to a lower spot(than the couple's table) when we watched our SDE and the moment I stood up, they got chairs for us. My sister forgot my hard disk enclosure(it was 1 terrabyte, mind you, and it costs 5k at the time that I acquired it) and they took the initiative to give it to my Mom. I was so tired and bangenge already that we were about to leave- and leave behind the cake and our gifts! They approached us and packed the cake and brought the gifts to our car.

I would have given them a perfect score if not for small details. Small details lang naman :)
Try to take note of the things that Ms Gina tells you. May small inconsistencies kasi sa mga agreements.

1. Initially, she mentioned that 175 lang ang suppliers' meal and buffet na yun pero yung 175 pala is packed, 250 ang buffet suppliers' meal.

2. Yung sa sound system, I asked her if san ko isasave yung songs to be played during the reception and she said that I can save it in either a cd, or usb, okay lang daw. On the day of the wedding, the technician said they dont have a laptop for the hard disk enclosure so the songs that we picked for the dinner were not played, good thing they have their own songs and our pick for the entrance song and first dance were available.

3. I forgot to mention it during our final meet up but I did tell her via text na wala kaming dove (ayaw ni hubby kasi kawawa lang daw ang mga kalapati) but there were still doves on the wedding day.
So, if you're very particular, do clarify small details na baka naoverlook or inconsistent with what you originally discussed.

Final Say:
The good points of getting them far outweigh the cons so I would still recommend Quidos Grill to future brides. I have scouted around for other caterers and their rates are very affordable considering that they are able to deliver elegant setup and yummy food. My sister is only 15 but we are already thinkin' about getting them for her debut. NO HORROR STORIES. Thanks Quidos! We hope we'll get your services again!

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