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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Supplier's Rating: Candy Rose Pastillas

Rating: 5/5 (1 as the lowest)
Peso power: 200php/basket of flower pastillas, 3php/stick(pack of 100 pieces)

Kwento: This should have been the first rating since she was the first to deliver but anyway, here goes:
I used to follow the blog of a newly wed who bought pastillas for her wedding instead of flowers for the flower girls and I liked the idea. However, I am familiar with the products that she bought and I wanted to find something cheaper and voila! I came across Candy Rose Pastillas on the net. I checked her products and I was very interested so I texted her and we did a meet up.

Chai, the lady who makes the pastillas can meet you up and give you around 10pieces of samples based on what you asked for. She uses coloring for the products so if you have a specific color in mind, she can adjust it for you. Likewise, the pastillas can be flavored- I was able to try the plain one and the strawberry ones and though I liked the strawberry ones, I thought that not all kids would like them so I ordered for a combo of both. The basket was much fuller than I expected (my sisters and I "stole" a few roses from the baskets.haha) and the ordered roses on sticks were actually bigger than the samples she gave me. Also, Chai was very honest about the products and didnt want me to get them too early since they might get ruined because of weather conditions.

Chai manages a smaller enterprise so she's kinda limited to the metro. When I say limited, what I mean is that if you wanna check out her products in a store or something or maybe meet up somewhere farther north or south, it'll be more complicated. Other than that, dealing with her was easy breezy- she promptly replies to text messages, her delivery fee is very minimal and on both occasions that I met her, she was right on schedule.

Anyway, enough with the blah and on with the munching. Kids and adults alike loved them! I was told that adults were asking if there were spares and I was witness to our kiddie guests( as a former teacher, kids were rampant in our guest list; none of that crap about not having kids) eating their hearts away. Here are some pictures to give you an idea:

See the hands touchin' em? Go and eat them girls!
Who'd say no to these? yummy!

My inaanak munching away :)

So, if you wanna avail of Chai's products(I see that she has expanded to cake polvorons and what have you), just look for her site on FB and ask her about the details. See yah soon!

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John Paul said...

hi here's Chai :) since i dont have gamail account i used my bf's account.
THank you so much .. I really appreciated all of this:) Thnaks God :) and GodBless:) Congrats to the newly wed :)

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