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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

After 4 days of Partying and sleepless nights :)

After almost a year.. we are finally married! It feels so good to start off a new month with this change.. I feel like we are experiencing many firsts and I am basking in the glory of love, takin' in everything and enjoyin' it.. Of course, I know that I would have to write suppliers' ratings at some point, but that would have to wait as I try to be more objective about how things went and not just on an emotion attached to a supplier. Cheers to us, to our families, the suppliers and everybody else who made this possible! Here are some sneak peeks into what happened:

I'm still asking for my husband's help regarding the link to the video.. I want it to play directly on this page but he's kinda busy with other stuff so it might have to wait for another post.. I'll upload more pictures as soon as we get them.. Cheers again and God Bless us all!

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