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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Suppliers' rating: The legend villas

Rating: 4/5
Details: 4200/family room good for four, with complimentary access and usage of facilities, + buffet breakfast
Kwento on why we booked this hotel :
Prior to our wedding, we ate at the legend villas for the buffet breakfast and we loved it so we decided to book  rooms here for the wedding. I booked 1 room for 2 nights and another for 1 night(meiokoi's family). We booked their family rooms coz when we did the ocular:
The villa suite was not worth it for a number of reasons. The sleeping area was basically the same as their superior room, the only difference was the receiving area, which was too plain in my opinion. It was not worth the extra 2+++ for a receiving area that would only be used for a few hours. Second, The Legend Villas put similar rooms in the same corner and if I get different room types for hubby and I, we would be on different ends, hence, we just decided to get he family rooms for both of us.

During the stay:
Good points: The breakfast was great! I love omelet stations in buffets and theirs is no exception. I also loved the champorado, the croissants, the bistek tagalog and their palabok. The other choices were okay as well, but these were the ones that stuck to me the most.

The internet was quite fast and it was a good plus for my sisters who were staying with me.
The pool was decent enough and my cousins had quite a go and enjoyed taking advantage of it.
They have parking spaces that are very adjacent to the rooms. This was a big factor since we had to go back and forth the vehicles to load and unload stuff so it was quite good that it was very convenient for us.

Bad points:
There was "something" with the bathroom. I guess it was the fact that it didnt have an exhaust, but even on the first night when there were only 4 of us, it already had a pungent smell. I used the cr in the other room as well(which was hardly used since my in-laws) but it was the same.
The pool was sooooooo far away. I guess this would be a plus for people who really want r &r in the pool area but it was quite inconvenient for us, especially since we had to go back and forth during the pictorial.

Points for improvement:
Decor! We would have loved to book the villa rooms if we felt that they would add up to the "feel" in photos but they were way too bare. Good thing that our p/v team was very creative and found nooks and crannies that would serve as good backdrops to the frames.

Final Say:
I would recommend The Legend Villas for people who are looking for great value for money, especially guests who are merely looking for budget-friendly accommodation in a very good location. Compared to other hotels, this hotel is very lenient and you can bring in cooked food, accommodate as many guests as possible(such a pro if the room will be used for wedding preps/intimate parties). However, if you are looking for a more poshed and well-appointed accommodation, I guess you have better options in the Ortigas area.

Photo from our official photog:

This is way disappointing but I cannot, for the life of me, find our shots at the hotel :(. Sorry for a non-visual review. Tah-tuh!

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