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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Marriage License application in Taguig

We'd only do this once and since the marriage license is the primary requirement for the marriage certificate that makes our wedding legal, I documented this day very well.

We'd be getting married in Pasig and since Taguig is closer to Pasig than QC, Hubby to be and I decided to get our license in Taguig. The first requirement for us was to attend the family planning seminar.

Little Miss Midwife who gave the seminar was very late. It was supposed to start at 1:30 but she came at 2:15 and started at 2:20. She even got a reprimand from the doctor for her not-so-loud voice and little missie couldnt get over that fact. Anyway, we learned a little from her as well- like the fact that IUD is not for every woman, that it can last up to ten years and that i still dont like the idea that there's a little stick somewhere after my vajaejae. haha. The seminar lasted for less than 30 minutes and we got a few things after that.

the certificate

info on pregnancy and condoms

Now let's talk about the condoms, which were a source of amusement for me in many ways that after a while, fiance dear started to get annoyed and said kanina mo pa pinipicturan yang condom . I just found it so amusing that it was idiot-proof in many ways and lemme show you why:
there were three! Not bad considering that the seminar fee was 40 and the room was air conditioned and we get three condoms.hehe

so funny that they had to indicate that it's for single use. and i never knew condoms could be stored for 5 years!

beware: boys should measure their private part as it might not be the perfect fit.hehe

Moving on, we submitted all the original copies to the local civil registry and filled out 4 copies. We'd get the license on February 6.

sorry,dont have the will to rotate anymore :P

Final Notes:
We paid a total of 240 for the marriage license fees
The requirements would vary from city to city
bring a lot of photocopies!
write legibly to avoid problems

Til Next time!


Anonymous said...

Nice post!!! :)
Best Wishes!!!
-marriage license applicant in taguig

Fiesta Sun Travel and Tours said...

hi may i know what are the reqts for the marriage license in taguig?

Arnold and April said...

you have to bring your birth certificate, cant remember if they asked for a valid id as well. if you're over 30, you have to provide a cenomar. same goes if you're below 25, you have to provide the consent from parents

if the print/details of the birth certificate are not clear, you have to provide other supporting documents as well.

Before you can apply for the license, you have to attend the family planning seminar which is done only every tuesdays and thursdays

Hope this helps!

mjoyce.aguilar said...

hello there,

thanks for your post! it's a big help for us!

id like to confirm if they need 2 sets of authenticated birth certificate and cenomar or just 1 set will do?

Arnold and April said...

for your documents, you need one set of original and one set of photocopies. They'll take ur original copies first and give them back to you after you get your license. They'll keep the photocopies. Also, the cenomar is only required for a specific age- I cant remember but I think 30 and up only :)

missy said...

helow , im missy and below 25 , gsto cu lng malaman , kng ppnta sa city hall already with parents nba ?? tnx a lot ..

Anonymous said...

Hi! Where in the City Hall did you apply for marriage license and where was the seminar held? Is it possible to attend the seminar and apply for the license in one day? And how long did they keep your birth certificate (original copy) before returning it to you?

Arnold and April said...

@ anonymous
We applied sa may likod- I forgot the name of the office but people will guide you there once you say that you'll apply for a license. From what I remember, the seminar isnt everyday, I think twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) at that time, so if you want to process it in one day, ask them about the specific days they hold the seminar. They kept the original certificates for about 2 weeks- and gave them back when they released the license.

janilyn marie salsalida said...

ei poh..dba pg below 25 need ung parents advise..ung parents advise poh ba letter lng na both parents is agree?no need na ung appearance nla??tma poh bah?kc plan nmin sna kso both parents nmin nsa province ..

Arnold and April said...

Hi janilyn..yes, need pa ng parental advise kapag below 25 ka at the time of the wedding- so if mag 25 kayo by the wedding date, no need.

Hindi ko po sure sa Taguig kung need ng personal appearance pero sa ibang municipality/cities, need po kasi sa harap ng officer sila pipirma

janilyn marie salsalida said...

ai gnun poh bah..by da way tnx poh..punta nlng aq dun pra mg tanong both nsa negros occ.kc parents nmin..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ur post.. can i also ask what are the other reqts in taguig city hall mr license appl? Do they need bgy certificate?

Arnold and April said...

Hi.from what I remember, we just brought original and photocopies of our birth certifcates

Anonymous said...

Hi poh ask q lng pde poh b aq lng umatend ng seminar ng fam.planning?ilng days b un seminar?magkno poh byad s seminar at pagppksal? Tnx poh!

Arnold and April said...

Hi @anonymous
hindi ko alam kung pwedeng ikaw lang kasi puro couple ung nakasabay namin dun. half day lang sha sa hapon tuwing tuesday and thursday. Less than 1k naman ung binayaran namin, kasama na dun ung pagpost ng marriage ban saka seminar

Anonymous said...

Hello poh!.sn poh b kukuha ng cenomar at mgkano?my byad poh b un civil wed? Slmat poh ulit...

Arnold and April said...

Hi. ang cenomar po sa nso kinukuha, I believe nasa 200/person. Pareho kayo kukuha ng cenomar ng partner mo.

From what I know, may bayad ung kasal pero hindi ko alam kung magkano kasi sa Church kami nagpakasal

Anonymous said...

Hi, ask ko lang po kung may bayad ung seminars and how much. Also sa license how much din po? thanks

Arnold and April said...

hi.. at that time 240 ang fee. Kung nagtaas man, hindi naman cguro malaki. Kasama na sa binayaran ung sa seminar and may free condoms pa. haha. hope this helps

gladys oligario said...

Hi, ask ko lang po if mag 25 nako dis june need pa poba ng parent consent or advise? Kc nakailang beses na kami pabalik balik ng partner ko di pdn kmi makapasa ng requirements sa civil registy. Kelangan pa kc ng affidavit from my parents e ang problema matagal na clang separated and my mom ay nsa abroad.. so antayin ko nlng cguro na mag 25 nlng ako, no need nb ng parent consent/ advise if 25 na kmi both partner. Hope matulungan mo kami. Thankyou ! :)

Arnold and April said...

Hi Gladys. Ang basis sa parental consent is age at the time of marriage. So kung after June pa ang kasal nio, pwedeng di kana kumuha ng parental consent. Also, pwede kayong kumuha ng marriage license sa 3 cities- city kung saan kayo magpapakasal,city kung saan nakatira ang lalake, city kung saan nakatira ang babae. So kung magkakaibang lugar kayo nakatira at ikakasal, pwede nio itry sa ibang city kasi minsan mas maluwag sila. Hope nakatulong sayo :)

Anonymous said...

panu nila mlalaman na taga taguig ka? anu kelangan dalhin?

Eden Mae said...

Hi poh, san poh kau umattend ng seminar? Sa thursday daw poh kc kami aattend and we don't know san yung Taguig City Health Center. Dun din poh ba kau?

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