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Sunday, January 22, 2012

the bride with three pairs of bridal shoes

I previously made an entry about a pair of shoes that I really really liked. But fiance dear and mother dear both disliked it so I made a mental note to scout for another pair whenever I'll have the time.

Truth is, I took it personally. I love shoes and all types of footwear for that matter so I cannot: I repeat, I cannot wear a pair of shoes that my husband to be does not like. My mother and I have had very different fashion styles all these years so it was okay but I guess the thought that my partner for life doesnt like the pair I'm wearing on our special day disturbed me.

For the purposes of this discussion, I'm gonna say the brands to avoid confusion :D

On one occasion, I had the chance to go to trinoma and came upon a nice looking pair from Sugus. As always, I immediately checked the price. It was 399.75(still not getting the .75-ish prices). Anyway, the shoe on display looked good when I wore it so I waited for the saleslady to get a new pair so that I can fit both.

While waiting for that pair, I looked around and saw another good looking display from M. Nicole. I was skeptical at first because it looked expensive and yet when I flipped it over, pricetag was only 299! I couldnt believe my eyes and asked the salesman and he said that they were the last pair.

I wanted to kill myself for deciding to buy the first(or second pair if you count the pair I bought a few months ago)ones I saw. But then again, I went crazy with the idea of having not one, not two, but THREE pairs of bridal shoes. My mom would kill me if she found out(it would be another confessions of a shopaholic moment), but I thought to myself:

1)the M. Nicole shoes shoes would look really great in pictures BUT
-they are stilettos and the idea of wearing them for five to six hours tops on our wedding day makes me wary
2)Though the Sugus pair was kinda boring and plain compared to the M. Nicole pair, I love the glass detail and they would be so much comfier.
3) The M. Nicole pair costs only 299, the Sugus pair 399.75 and the first pair from Cinderella was only 299.75 as well. Adding that up, my 3 pairs costs only 998.50 and to other brides, that's way below their budget for shoes.

Long story short, I bought both pairs and hence you can now call me the bride with three pairs of shoes. Amen

Till next time!

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