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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

this is it pancit! quidos grill na!

I've had one prior food tasting with meiokoi and another without him and both didn't feel so right..it's like there's something more out there.. So despite the fact that our other option looked more expensive at first, we called them up and it was one of the best things we did wedding wise!

We arrived a little earlier so I guess Ms gina was not yet ready to receive us.. She discussed the setup, etcetera, etcetera...after a while, she showed us to the back door and that's were our happily ever after began! haha

The food was awesooooome! pardon the shot for it was taken by a cam phone but nonetheless, it'll give u a good idea of what we had
clockwise from top: chopseuy, carbonara, roast beef, fish fillet with tartar sauce and chicken teriyaki

The food looked a little different in person- the carbonara was much saucier and the teriyaki was darker..We loved them all!
carbonara- was creamy and had tuna which i loved
roast beef- I'm not a beef fan but it was yummy!
fish fillet- nothing out of the ordinary but the fish was tasty, soft and the sauce was good
teriyaki- h2b was at a loss for words..many times he tried to describe it but couldnt and just ate and ate!
anyways, we also had leche flan and salad..though they also have fondue, we didnt have that anymore...

This was the "this is it" feeling we were waiting for and we're quite happy..After 3 foodtastings, we now have a caterer and we'll make the dp one of these days..
caterer, checked!
ta-ta engaged people:)

Friday, June 24, 2011

June CheckList

It's approximately 10 months to go before the wedding and I'm starting to panic, mostly because of money matters.Anyway, I will calm down and here's what we have so far

Church- Santa Clara De Montefalco Pasig
Venue-Tanghalang Pasigueno

Yey for us! However, Sta Clara doesnt allow us to pay the downpayment until we've given ALL THE requirements, so we're keen on getting them as soon as possible :)
For Tanghalang Pasigueno, we've paid the dp and we're considered blocked, so we'll just coordinate with them in the future :)

My timeline got screwed up when I found out that rockinphotographer/videographer was already booked for our wedding. Truth be told, in my original plan, I was only going to contact them August, and imagine my horror when they said they were already booked. Hence, I panicked and starting pulling back my timeline a few months earlier..With that it mind, here's our "current"(current as the operative word as it might change again)

Down Payment to Caterer
Down to Photo/Video
Buy supplies in Divi for bridesmaids gowns and DIY projects

Scouting for MOH and FSIL clothes(maid of honor and future sis in law gowns)
-Set Money aside for gown measurement/down,
-2nd installment to caterer

-measurements/down,set money aside for photo/video and caterer
-hmua scouting in time for the pre-nup, buy thingies for prenup

-more installment payments :)

Saka na to kasi marami pang mababago but we'll definitely give our STD cards by December :)

Wow, Blogging that was therapeutic ^_^.. I've been panicky for a couple of days pero hindi naman pala kami super behind schedule and I can still manage our finances..hehe..kalma gurl :)(ayan psycho na ako, talking to myself)

Tuh-Tuh future brides!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ma Del's food tasting round 1

I've(Sorry I keep using I but h2b usually just follows suit..I'm the one who does all the research.hehe) always eyed Madel's cuisine but I've only called them recently because of two reasons:

I really wanted the Village Patio and Patio Ibarra..two venues with in house caterers. Unfortunately, as reasonable as their prices are, we have 200 guests and budget wise, they didnt make the cut.
2nd, another caterer we wanted looked reasonable at first glance so we were kinda set on them. Lo and behold, however, I realized they would be more expensive than Madels due to the extra charges..relatedly,
3rd reason is that unnamed caterer offers tiffany chairs for ''free" and it was hard to let it go....

But fate led us to Madel's cuisine and upon calling Ms Anj, she told me to come to the take home food tasting in Malayan Plaza in ortigas...Take Home meaning she would take time to talk to us but the food would be in take home containers...

Here are the food we sampled:
Roast Beef
Grilled Blue Marlin with Mushroom sauce
Hawaiian Pork
Chicken Flambe
Baked Macaroni

First and foremost, I thank Ms Anj for accommodating my Mom and I in the actual event. Mega busy pero she took time talaga to talk to me and the other future couples who went there..
Second, all my questions were answered and she even gave me tips to save money and stuff

But, this is after all a food tasting so we have to judge the food. In fairness, all the main dishes were cooked perfectly- walang malabsa, walang overcooked, walang matigas..just the exact texture and tenderness you'd expect for that dish..
As for the individual dishes' verdict, here they are:

Chicken Flambe- Oh, I loved it! it tasted like roasted chicken but much nicer because of special touches here and there...
Grilled Blue Marlin- I liked it because like the flambe it was a combination of something new and something old and it tasted like it was marinated well
Hawaiian Pork-It's their own take of sweet and sour pork but I liked that the veggies were crispy yet cooked
Baked Mac-My mom makes delicious baked mac so I am not the best person to judge this
Roast Beef-again, I hate beef so I am not the best person to judge this...

clockwise from top left: roast beef, hawaiian pork,blue marlin steak,baked mac, chicken flambe 

Miss Anj said we can have a 2nd food tasting and for that, I hope hubby and I can try
tenderloin pork which will replace both the beef and the prok dish
a seafood dish preferably hawaiian fish fillet
and fettuccine italiana plus our chosen desserts like buko pandan jello and 1 more..After all, first or not confirmed supplier or not, food tastings are love :)
till next time future brides and grooms!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Step 1 of bridal gown "make-over" : completed!

A few blogs ago http://arnoldapril2012.blogspot.com/2011/04/la-boda-de-amor.html), I mentioned that I intedn on wearing my Mom's wedding gown on my own special day. Lucky me, the design is very close to what I envisioned my own gown to be...

However, amends need to be done here and there such as
1) The gown is long sleeved. As much as it sounds good to done it ala Kate Middletone, it's gonna be freaking hot on our big day given that it's mid summer and the last thing I wanna happen is to faint from the heat. Not to mention the fact that I'm not a big fan of long sleeved clothing, let alone my gown.hehe

2) uhmmm.....as much as I hate to admit, I'm beefier than my mom...I can zip it up to about two inches from my waist but that's as far as I can go.. and for it to fit me fully and comfortably, I'd have to shed 10-20 pounds tops(shucks, thanks for the pressure mom!)

3) There isnt enough bling for my taste. My mom, a very minimalist by nature, simply put details here and there but I'd love for the gown to have bead word here and there and I'll definitely bring it to a modista one of these days...

And so, after much thought, I decided to cut out the sleeves. Don't get me wrong and visualize me with a pair of really sharp scissors and just cutting pointlessly- It was a very tedious job that required utmost patience and carefulness. The sleeves were lace and I had to be very careful not to ruin the fabric...which my mother was able to preserve for twenty six years..

After painstaking effort, I was able to cut through the arm holes but 1/2 an inch of sleeves still held on to each arm, I stopped there because I was scared I'd ruin it..I just wanted to be able to fit the gown without the sleeves..

So as promised(to those who care to read this), here's the first part of my Mom's gown's journey to becoming the "IT" gown for me

The gown in its original look
Moi wearing it after I've cut out the sleeves
Happy :) best of luck future brides..and grooms if there are some!

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