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Friday, June 24, 2011

June CheckList

It's approximately 10 months to go before the wedding and I'm starting to panic, mostly because of money matters.Anyway, I will calm down and here's what we have so far

Church- Santa Clara De Montefalco Pasig
Venue-Tanghalang Pasigueno

Yey for us! However, Sta Clara doesnt allow us to pay the downpayment until we've given ALL THE requirements, so we're keen on getting them as soon as possible :)
For Tanghalang Pasigueno, we've paid the dp and we're considered blocked, so we'll just coordinate with them in the future :)

My timeline got screwed up when I found out that rockinphotographer/videographer was already booked for our wedding. Truth be told, in my original plan, I was only going to contact them August, and imagine my horror when they said they were already booked. Hence, I panicked and starting pulling back my timeline a few months earlier..With that it mind, here's our "current"(current as the operative word as it might change again)

Down Payment to Caterer
Down to Photo/Video
Buy supplies in Divi for bridesmaids gowns and DIY projects

Scouting for MOH and FSIL clothes(maid of honor and future sis in law gowns)
-Set Money aside for gown measurement/down,
-2nd installment to caterer

-measurements/down,set money aside for photo/video and caterer
-hmua scouting in time for the pre-nup, buy thingies for prenup

-more installment payments :)

Saka na to kasi marami pang mababago but we'll definitely give our STD cards by December :)

Wow, Blogging that was therapeutic ^_^.. I've been panicky for a couple of days pero hindi naman pala kami super behind schedule and I can still manage our finances..hehe..kalma gurl :)(ayan psycho na ako, talking to myself)

Tuh-Tuh future brides!

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