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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ma Del's food tasting round 1

I've(Sorry I keep using I but h2b usually just follows suit..I'm the one who does all the research.hehe) always eyed Madel's cuisine but I've only called them recently because of two reasons:

I really wanted the Village Patio and Patio Ibarra..two venues with in house caterers. Unfortunately, as reasonable as their prices are, we have 200 guests and budget wise, they didnt make the cut.
2nd, another caterer we wanted looked reasonable at first glance so we were kinda set on them. Lo and behold, however, I realized they would be more expensive than Madels due to the extra charges..relatedly,
3rd reason is that unnamed caterer offers tiffany chairs for ''free" and it was hard to let it go....

But fate led us to Madel's cuisine and upon calling Ms Anj, she told me to come to the take home food tasting in Malayan Plaza in ortigas...Take Home meaning she would take time to talk to us but the food would be in take home containers...

Here are the food we sampled:
Roast Beef
Grilled Blue Marlin with Mushroom sauce
Hawaiian Pork
Chicken Flambe
Baked Macaroni

First and foremost, I thank Ms Anj for accommodating my Mom and I in the actual event. Mega busy pero she took time talaga to talk to me and the other future couples who went there..
Second, all my questions were answered and she even gave me tips to save money and stuff

But, this is after all a food tasting so we have to judge the food. In fairness, all the main dishes were cooked perfectly- walang malabsa, walang overcooked, walang matigas..just the exact texture and tenderness you'd expect for that dish..
As for the individual dishes' verdict, here they are:

Chicken Flambe- Oh, I loved it! it tasted like roasted chicken but much nicer because of special touches here and there...
Grilled Blue Marlin- I liked it because like the flambe it was a combination of something new and something old and it tasted like it was marinated well
Hawaiian Pork-It's their own take of sweet and sour pork but I liked that the veggies were crispy yet cooked
Baked Mac-My mom makes delicious baked mac so I am not the best person to judge this
Roast Beef-again, I hate beef so I am not the best person to judge this...

clockwise from top left: roast beef, hawaiian pork,blue marlin steak,baked mac, chicken flambe 

Miss Anj said we can have a 2nd food tasting and for that, I hope hubby and I can try
tenderloin pork which will replace both the beef and the prok dish
a seafood dish preferably hawaiian fish fillet
and fettuccine italiana plus our chosen desserts like buko pandan jello and 1 more..After all, first or not confirmed supplier or not, food tastings are love :)
till next time future brides and grooms!


khaelazar said...

Hi sis. Ok ba tlga ang ma del's cuisine? I booked them last april for my wedding this october. At first i was impressed kasi madaling kausap si ms.anj. I can easily contact her which put me very much at ease. But lately, she doesnt answer my texts, calls, and emails. I even called her house pero i still could not talk to her. She didnt even meet the deadline we set for the floorplan. Hay. Now im having second thoughts. Should we look for another caterer ba?

Arnold and April said...

Hi sis..we didnt book ma del's eh...The food tasted ok pero may natry kasi kami na mas masarap for us...Medyo busy yata sya lately and when we met her, she said she'll be very busy this July...Another sis said the best time to call her would be in the morning..

If you feel like you have a better option then try talking to those caterers..It's also good if you talk to Ms Anj.Sayang naman ung nasimulan and yung amount na nadown nio na.Hope this helps :D

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