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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

this is it pancit! quidos grill na!

I've had one prior food tasting with meiokoi and another without him and both didn't feel so right..it's like there's something more out there.. So despite the fact that our other option looked more expensive at first, we called them up and it was one of the best things we did wedding wise!

We arrived a little earlier so I guess Ms gina was not yet ready to receive us.. She discussed the setup, etcetera, etcetera...after a while, she showed us to the back door and that's were our happily ever after began! haha

The food was awesooooome! pardon the shot for it was taken by a cam phone but nonetheless, it'll give u a good idea of what we had
clockwise from top: chopseuy, carbonara, roast beef, fish fillet with tartar sauce and chicken teriyaki

The food looked a little different in person- the carbonara was much saucier and the teriyaki was darker..We loved them all!
carbonara- was creamy and had tuna which i loved
roast beef- I'm not a beef fan but it was yummy!
fish fillet- nothing out of the ordinary but the fish was tasty, soft and the sauce was good
teriyaki- h2b was at a loss for words..many times he tried to describe it but couldnt and just ate and ate!
anyways, we also had leche flan and salad..though they also have fondue, we didnt have that anymore...

This was the "this is it" feeling we were waiting for and we're quite happy..After 3 foodtastings, we now have a caterer and we'll make the dp one of these days..
caterer, checked!
ta-ta engaged people:)

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