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Thursday, July 21, 2011

the dream gown

I originally wanted to wear my Mom's gown but honestly, as of the moment, I am half hearted about it...
My mom's gown is way too simple for my liking and I'd really want something with more bling..
Most of all, I want my gown to be ME..something that really embodies who I am. so after a few twists and modification with search terms on google, I found it! The design that is as close as I can get to what I envision my gown to be. Truth be told, it is close to what my mom wore but details here and there make it so much different because...
1)The silhouette is A-line, unlike my mom's dress that has a balloon skirt.
2)The neckline is also sheer, but this one is made of organza and not lace(my mom's gown's was lace)
3)There is a belt...which I would modify to include more bling :)
See the difference :D
moi wearing mom's gown

Parang gusto ko na tuloi magpagawa ng gown bukas :) yey!
till the next update future brides and grooms...

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