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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dahil Baka Makalimutan ko pa # 1- Venues

I will probably quote many people in my posts here and this time, I'll quote Mike when he wrote on their blog na una nilang napili ang venue prior to the church. At first I didnt agree, but now I do for several reasons:

1- every church has that feeling of peacefulness(for me) once I'm inside, parang dama ko agad na kausap ko si lord.
2- Budget. The food+ venue will be the biggest chunk of the budget breakdown. Even though the budget will greatly depend on how many guests we're really inviting,  we have a projected limit hence pinakauna syang dapat piliin.

At dahil likas akong ulyanin at sa dalas kong maggoogle on suppliers. online diary ko nalang dito para hindi ko na makalimutan. Like I said, the venue would come first and here are some church + venue combos I've looked up

a wedding setup in redsong

1) Visitation/Good Shepherd + Redsong Events Venue:
Pros: Malapit lang to sa bahay and coordination, follow-ups, visits, meeting etc would be a breeze
Cons: walang malapit na hotel sa area so hindi ko alam kung magsesettle kami sa pagtulog  sa bahay T_T or mag-check in kami sa Q.Ave area only to go back

endramada(love those balls!)

2)-Archbishop Palace + Endramada Events Venue
Pros: Dream ko talaga na sa Lancaster or another hotel in ortigas area mag check-in for my wedding and so that would fit perfectly with this plan
Cons: 250 lang ang maximum capacity ng Endramada and I think we would go a little over that so hindi ko sure kung kasama pa rin to

3)North Fairview Church + Clubhouse or 
Philam West Ave/EDSA + Clubhouse
Pros: mas madaling kausapin ang mga tao coz most probably the church would be affiliated/coordinated with the clubhouses and clubhouses are always cheaper than events venues
Cons: Ang weird lang na hindi naman kami dun nakatira tapos dun kami ikakasal and I guess it would feel weird for our guests too. Imagine kung ilang visitors pass ang ibibigay ng guards dahil lahat ng guests taga labas.

tagaytay 1: sunview terraces pavillion
tagaytay2: casa de carlo

4)Transfiguration Chapel Caleruega + Sunview Terraces or casa Carlo Tagaytay
Pros: We are mountaineers so seeing Batulao on our special day would make it even more special(at siguradong kakatihin kami magdayhike) haha. Plus, Caleruega is such an icon in weddings and ang shala ng dating na dun kami ikakasal
Cons: Tagaytay is near but it's still out of town. We came up with this to minimize the guest list but still have a beautiful wedding. However, there are some suppliers that we are keen on getting (like Nice Print Photo, flowers from Dangwa, etc) for their quality and price(lalo na to) and I'm afraid that we might save on the contracted guest list pero magbalance out din sa OOT charges + extra expenses (like transpo, accommodation, etc)

a birthday party set-up in acacia party place

5) Restaurant + malapit na church
a. Acacia Party Place + any church in San Juan
b. Shangri-la blah blah restaurant in West Avenue + malapit na church
c.maghahanap pako, abangan ang susunod na kabanata
Pros: we dont need to pay a separate fee for the venue kasi all inclusive packages na which means fewer people to deal with and less hassle
Cons: Dunno pero parang ang baduy ng dating. haha. Acacia is really good and cheap for its location coz we can actually get packages at 400/head.. parang ang pangit lang kasi ilagay sa invitation

Ceremony will be held at Blah Blah Church
Reception follows at Acacia Party Place
Wacha think?(alam kong walang sasagot dahil 4 na tao pa lang nakakaalam ng blog na to- ako, si meio, si pinky at si meio but I still like to pretend that people will actually post a comment. haha)

A Bride-To-be's motto: google and google until you succeed. mahahanap din namin yan ^^

PS: sa tagal magload ng pictures, may iba pa kong nakita white uploading
1. ariato function center in morato
2. bistro buenaflor garden in sta mesa
3.qc sports club..abangan!( may sponsorships kasi)

eto pa..I almost forgot

6) Christ the King Church + Hall
Pros: Super ganda ng church even from the outside and their rates are not bad
Cons; as of now wala pakong maisip kasi good feedback naman sya sa w@wies..

7) Church in Qc + Perlie's Garden restaurant
Pros: free use of Tiffany chairs! just dunno if the service is good or not
Cons: sa mga taong hindi familiar sa elliptical, they might miss it kasi bago magturn ng East Ave pero from the pictures that I saw, maganda naman ^^

To any B2b who might come across this, happy preps to us


Rea Mallari said...

How about this:
1. St. Peter Parish + Grand Terrace in Commonwealth
Pros: near your house; if you need hotel accomodations malapit ang UP Hotel in well, UP and Sulo Hotel
Cons: Challenge yata ang solemnity pero structure-wise, maganda ang St. Peter =); An alternative would be UP Church

2. Sto. Domingo Church + Patio Ibarra
Cons: A little nearer and if you need a hotel, malapit lang ang Great Eastern Hotel or you can just have the reception in the hotel para maraming perks :)

***Okay din ang out of town wedding pero remember: the farther, the more challenging coordination becomes. :) Just a tip

Arnold and April said...

Thanks Rea! :) Actually far from these places yung natuloy naming ibook. We got Sta. Clara De Montefalco sa Pasig and Tanghalang Pasigueno. I attended a St.peter-Grand Terrace wedding and super ganda pero way out of our budget..

Yung Sto.Domingo naman, I also attended a wedding there, sa haba ng aisle, tinipid yung flowers..Super cheap nga sa Great Eastern..naka-attend kana ba dun?

Actually gusto sana namin sa Caleruega kaso yari kami sa out of town fees sa Tagaytay area...

Mike T said...

dont mind the hotel... check in a hotel that will make you feel good kahit sa ortigas o makati pa yan., let everybody else (I mean si Arnold at ang mga suppliers)adjust. If it meant they have to be at your hotel very early then your wish is their command. Do not sacrifice your (bride) comfort kasi araw mo ito hindi nila.

ganun din sa church - visit a church and feel the solemnity. Imaginin mo na may mass na and assess if your suppliers and gests would look as if they are not paying attention or even tensed or in a panic mode sa church na un. Gets mo? di ba may simbahan na mukhang magulo kahit walang tao, I suggest wag pag ganun ang feeling kasi baka makadagdag sa stress mo... advantage din na malayo ang church sa venue kasi it gives you (couple) the time to take pics and guests would understand it more na matagal kayo. Just make sure the photobooth, music, pika pika are all there to entertain us (guests). saka, print ka ng climb pics mo, pa-tarpaulin natin then ipalagay sa standee (akina pics, sagot ko na pagawa nito).

Try the church na nakatago sa katipunan ( forgot the village pero sa side roads ito ng katipunan). maganda, bago, malinis, at solemn. Aircon pa! Try mo rin st joseph sa camp crame pero take note of my warning in getting government churches. Also try st ignatius. Aircon, solemn, pero pangit lang sa labas but the parking area is soooooo guest friendly. this has avery good reputation and was our first choice kasi aircon :) remember my pawis sa kasal ko? you dont want to have that so consider aircon churches as well.

Arnold - sorry di kita makampihan, lam mo na, this is for the brides :)
haba na ng comment.. baka mas mahaba pa sa post mo

Arnold and April said...

" Do not sacrifice your (bride) comfort kasi araw mo ito hindi nila. "
this is applicable not only to this instance but to many others. whenever i feel like i am pressured to cave in to something, i keep this in mind at iniisip ko na kung iba pala masusunod, sana sila nalang nagpakasal.haha.

re: the church and venue, we chose sta clara de montefalco and tanghalang pasigueno cause they are both beautiful and the rates are totally worth it. in layman's term, wagi pero hindi masakit sa bulsa.

saka, print ka ng climb pics mo, pa-tarpaulin natin then ipalagay sa standee (akina pics, sagot ko na pagawa nito).-uy good idea! may steps leading to the entrance and these would look really great..

re naman the temp and everything, i am counting on the fact na nung nagsimba kami sa church namin hindi mainit considering na 3pm nun..i also wanted an aircon church orginally but compared to other concerns, i decided to let it go in favor of more pros in sta clara.
thanks for taking time to read the post :)

Anonymous said...

Okay ba sa Endramada? Parang angsikip na niya pag may event na. Actually, nagpunta kami dun September 2013 for occular inspection, so parang OK siya that time. Pero last weekend nagpunta kami na may event I think a birthday party parang ang sikip sikip niya... hay..

Arnold and April said...

Hi..honestly hindi na kami nagocular sa Endramada kasi nung mapunta kami sa Tanghalang Pasigueno, nagustuhan na namin sha.. May bago po sa Shaw, yung 500 shaw events pavillion, check mo po though di po ako familiar sa rates/details nila :)

thesa said...

where did u get married? we also opted endramada+archbishop..
do you have any idea kung magkano ang venue rental 2016 for wedding sa Tanghalang Pasigueno?

Arnold and April said...

we got married in Sta. Clara+Tanghalang Pasigueno. Tanghalan is operated by the city govt so I think even if they increased it from the 15k weekend rate for the lobby in 2012, konting difference lang.
We booked 10 months before the date so please check with them soon kasi mabilis mapuno yung slots nila.
Hope this helps :)

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