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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I officially don't care

People close to me know how fickle minded I am and there might be decisions here and there concerning the wedding that will be affected (positively or negatively) because of that. Anyway, as of now, when it comes to our wedding rings, I officially don't care :)

Meio and I have talked about this and when I brought up the idea of silver wedding rings, he said "pwede na yan" in reference to silver rings that we saw.

I, on the other hand had more things in mind why I favor silver wedding rings than gold ones- whether they are yellow or white gold. Several reasons are:

1)Not only am I fickle minded but I've got to be one of the worst in keeping my things and remembering where they are- in short burara. I've actually lost our commitment ring about 2 years ago and h2b said he lost his too(which I suspect is a lie that he just said because he's upset). I was able to keep the ring for 3 years naman, to be fair to myself. Still, a pair of Suarez or Karat Gold(2 alternate suppliers kung sakaling mag gold kami) cost around 8-15k for a decent pair. Just imagine that if I lost my ring say, every 3-5 years, that would be 4-7k for every 5 years of my life after the wedding T_T

2)I have a car so H2b and I rarely commute but we still do it every so often and I just dont feel like flashing an 8k wedding ring. White gold actually looks a lot like silver so it is a safer option but from what I've heard, snatchers have leveled up too and can actually distinguish between the two. (times have changed you know :P)

3)The pairs from Filigrenasia are between 1,800 and 4,000k for a pair and the last time I checked, the ones I liked the cheapest are a pair costing 1,800 and another at 4,000. Like I said, those from Suarez and Karat are between 8k-15k a pair. so basically, we can save anywhere from 6-11k(depending on the one we choose both ways) and I can think of a whole lot of things we can do with that money. The minimum savings is at 6k, so I thought of stuff we can allot that money for any of the following:

6k- My gown since I'm planning to get in in Pandi where it'll be much cheaper
6k- Our parents' clothes
6k- half the room accommodation since I'm thinking of alloting 10k for that
6k-500 is our target budget per guest-food, souvenirs, etc and we can already invite 12 extra people with 6k(not much but hey, that would cover my current and previous officemates na ha)
6k-onsite photo slideshows usually cost 5k and 6k means we can have that + tip for the photogs already^^

I know some will give comments about this, especially yung mga echoserang palakang kamaganak ko na wag na lang natin pangalanan. In the end it is still our wedding, so let them be: I OFFICIALLY DONT CARE..especially after seeing a really beautiful pair in Filigrenasia today... i couldnt find pictures online but it looked very close to this one especially since this one has zirconia stones too(not diamonds)

P. S. -my dad works in Saudi and I can just picture him, offering to buy the rings but we're gonna pass since Saudi only has yellow gold and most of the designs are outdated. I do care about my dad's feelings so I'm still thinking of a way to say it nicely that we'll pass ^^

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