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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why? Why not?

Bakit hindi ako Oc-oc sa gown na isusuot ko???????? hehe. Just wondering. I think most women obsess on that pero I'm more concerned with other things. Siguro dahil chubby ako, and I have this voice telling me na the gown will never look perfect no matter what i do..T_T But anyway, no time to mope because i have found an uber duper gorgeous ring from Filigrenasia. Hayst, kung ako lang, I'd very much like a silver ring pero....let's see..

Dunno what the fuss is about diamond, nakakatakot lang isuot at mawala..I much prefer the rings in Filigrenasia..They use zirconia stones kaya much cheaper but the rings look good just the same.. Anyways, saw this gorgeous, gorgeous(nasabi ko nabang gorgeous??) ring na perfect wedding ring for me...Which I'm sure can have a counterpart ring for Meio-ness :D
Ang ganda-ganda davah?????

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