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Friday, October 8, 2010

kung ang pera ay nagmumula sa balon....

If money comes from a well, then we would get married and have 500 guests, par-tey for a week, have our honeymoon in KK and Thailand and give away starbucks coupons as souvenirs. But sad to say friends, money doesnt come from a well and so we cannot do all these. So, how do we start budgeting?

I have a friend who got married this year and my boyfriend's cousin who will get married this year too and I'm not sure how they did it but I'm quite sure that they made allocations for each expense only to realize later that the allocation doesnt match reality-it's too small. Hence, I think that for ours, we'll do it the other way around, list down all the things we need to spend on, canvass and see which supplier best fits our budget.

Since the biggest chunk of the money would go to food, it has to be the most important decision we would make. And to know how much money we'll spend on that, I decided to make a preliminary guest list. Boy, i got scared.

I belong to a type of family where I know my 2nd cousins, go to funerals of my grandma's siblings and get invited to their celebs. i dunno how you define "tight" but my 2nd degree relatives are as tight as can be. hence, i had to consider them for our wedding and I dont want to be madamot or anything but here's how it goes.
assuming it's equal, meio's both sides=100
1st degree, mom's side=40
1st degree, dad's side=50
2nd degree, mom's side=55
2nd degree.dad's side=i got scared at this point I stopped counting

just the relatives adds to a grand total of 245 people excluding friends, our own families, officemates and those people that our parents might invite. I thought 200 was tight so I assumed 250 would be find but hell no, it's not. and mind you, my mom has more relatives than my 1st degree from my mother's side to think that I only allocated 4 seats to some of my tatang's siblings= who has 5 married children(my titos and titas), I-cannot-count-offsprings(my cousins) and so on.

I asked my brother's opinion on this and he reassured me " hindi naman yan lahat pupunta.pero para hindi nakakahiya, imbitahin mo na. " but still, 55 is a lot considering that we should make good use of every cent. hay, dunno. if the guest list doesn't get slimmer, magdestination wedding nalang kame sa hk with our families. hehe

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