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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally, the list is getting longer

(Credits to Blacktieproject.com)Hindi kami to :D

Meio(H2B) and I attended a wedding last september and the Photo/Video Supplier was niceprint photo. We've been gaga over them since then but I am probably more amazed by their work. When my sister sneaks up on me, she'll say "ay naku, nanonood ka na naman ng kasal." We do like their work and we think their packages are worth it. It's just that:
1)-It's a little beyond our budget
2)-I cannot accept the fact that only nice print can deliver such videos at the same price.

Hence, I've imposed on myself ever since to look for other photographers and finally after years(it felt like that) of searching, I found golden straws :D

1. Black tie project- Their package is a bit different that nice print's but there'll be 3 photographers instead of 2! and the colors really pop in the pictures.

2. Gentleshot Photography- Nice Print's is still better than theirs but they only charge 35k for the package we like, just dunno if they charge OOT fee because they're based in Angat

Another option I came up with is to just hire a videographer for now, ask Wynn Diancin and probably some other friends to take our pictures and then do the albums later. Wooden albums cost about 5-8k depending on the number of shots, guest books(for the pre-nup photos) at about the same price and parent albums for 2-5k each. So all in all, that's about 20k in packages but we can actually get them cheaper at photo printing shops, at say 10k for everything..at a much later time when we have extra money.

so here are some videographers I've seen that match our budget

1. Kris Matanguihan- She(I think) is really, really good and for 25k, we can get a decent package with same day edit :)
2. Gilbert Obispo- Kris is probably better but he was good too :)

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