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Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: Crazy Katsu in Maginhawa

Came from Manila yesterday afternoon and at 4pm I was helluva hungry pregnant woman who was quite a warfreak when her husband offered donuts.(Sorry Tatay..I love you! <3)

I initially asked husband if he wanted to eat in Little Quiapo but then I realized I was more in the mood for burgers than palabok and halu-halo plus he mentioned Sbarro so I thought we could go neutral and go for something totally different. My brother mentioned Good burger in Maginhawa after I mentioned that I was in the mood for burgers but then he mentioned that Crazy Katsu's service was faster, and it was air-conditioned, so the helluva-crazy-pregnant-woman genes kicked in..Crazy Katsu it is!

First thing I loved about them was that they don't greet you in Japanese. HAHAHAHA. Truth be told, I hate those fast food/s(Let's not name names, shall we?) where they greet in you Japanese to give that authentic vibe that doesn't work because they serve less than authentic Japanese food adapted to the Pinoy taste. Okay, back to Crazy Katsu. They have these unpretentious menu boards printed on one side. Each main dish comes with a serving of rice. I had Katsudon, hubby had pork ginger and bro had Chicken Katsu. We also ordered Chicken Katsu salad and Fish and Veggie Tempura with rice..

Off with the salad:
credits to karasantiago.wordpress.com

The salad had a nice dressing with vinegar and a few other things I'm not sure of. Anyway, the salad lived up to its name, the serving was generous and so was the chicken on top. The three of us quite had a trouble finishing it(considering the other items we had) and I had to do a bit of cajoling to convince the hubby and the bro(talk about a bully pregnant woman) to finish it up.hehehe

Next, we each ate our own meals.

True to what bro said, the chicken in the salad and in the main dish were the same, except for the difference in the veggie garnish. The chicken was very tender, crunchy and juicy...perfect!  It was quite spicy, though, so watch it out if you dont want something spicy.

from their facebook page

Next, my katsudon. It was quite good, really, since the meat was also very tender, the sauce was just right-just enough to seep in the rice but not get it completely drenched in sauce. It just created a not so good illusion that I had less food because it was served in a bowl and not in a big plate like hubby and bro's dish

still from their page

Next, let's have hubby's pork ginger. Not much to say about it because pregnancy quirks kicked in. The minute I put it in my mouth, I just knew it was a wrong move, somehow it didnt do well with me. Somehow, I imagined it would taste good- being very tender, sweet marinated pork with a strong taste of ginger, but like I said, pregnancy quirks kicked in and it didnt go well with me :(

still from their page. the actual serving was actually more generous. Hubby only ate half of the meat but it was  enough for his rice.

Last is the fish and veggie tempura. I actually ordered this one to serve as a second/ extra viand for us since I was afraid that we might not enjoy the dishes we ordered or that the serving would not be enough or that it'll be nice to have an extra dish- but I was wrong on all three accounts so after I took one bite and ze boys didnt want to eat anymore, we ended up taking out these babies. The breading was consistent with other tempuras I had but it was also much thicker than any other tempura I had so that could either go well with you or not. There were about 3 pieces of fish tempura and the rest were veggies-one eggplant, one squash and two others which looked very suspiciously like okra (I HATE OKRA!) so I didnt dare touch it.

I actually ate a fish and eggplant tempura prior to writing this blog, about 12 hours from the time they were made. Heat 'em up in the microwave and though they were far from crunchy at that point, I was thankful that they werent as soggy as I expected ^^

I forgot to note the exact prices of the foodies we ordered, but I was sure that nothing cost over 150 and the ice tea was 30, so expect 200-250 damage per person per meal. In case you still have room for extra carbs, their extra rice is cheap at 10pesos per cup, another great bonus!

Overall note: The food was great, the setting was unpretentious and they offer great value for money. A side note though: we "felt" like they adapted the dishes to the Filipino taste a tad too much- everything had a hint of sweetness. It was fine with us, but if you hate that hint of sweetness, then watch out.


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