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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baptism/Binyag Supplier's Rating: Airam's kleyworkz- Polymer Clay Souvenir keychains

Rating: 4.5/5
Peso Power: 65 per keychain(based on number of orders) + 75 shipping fee + 100 remittance charge

Side Kwento: I was thinking of something personalized for the sponsors souvenirs and I originally intended on making personalized hankerchiefs. Kaya lang, when I realized I'd be doing it for 16 people, natakot ako kasi baka pumalpak ung iba, nakakahiya naman sa Ninongs and Ninangs, so I just looked for something else. Hours of searching on sulit + facebook led me to polymer clay thingies...hence, this supplier

1. Freebies!
-I didnt know that there will be freebies so when I ordered, sinama ko sa bilang si Reese. However, Regina asked me our baby's name for the freebie so I said that he's already included kaya nagbigay nalang ako ng ibang name that will serve as the freebie. Kaya lang parang home tv shopping.."but wait, there's more!" moment when I opened the package, may freebie pa ulit na ref magnet! I was just happy..Nobody can say no to a freebie this cutie:
cutie patootie!
2.The items are much cuter in person

I already liked them when Sis Regina showed me the proofing prior to shipping but they look much much better in person. I would have shouted "it's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" ala Agnes in Despicable Me since I imagined them to be hard- like acrylic plastic but the material is actually soft like rubber or if you still cant imagine it, like hardened gum ala bazooka. 

3. It's so nice to deal with the maker, Sis Regina

She promptly responds to questions within the day, minsan nga within minutes lang kapag online din sya. She can also make the items in a jiffy, based on her schedule. I finalized the details only last week and I got the items yesterday, about a week lang. She said she needs two weeks, tops, if she's busy. I also love how much effort and detail she puts to her craft.

*When I sent her the layout I wanted for the boys and girls, she sent me a sample using my name(which I wouldnt upload just yet kasi baka makita ng Ninongs and Ninangs namin, spoiler alert! hehe). She used a font which was different from the one I sent and said it was a new font mold she acquired, baka daw magustuhan ko and I did. :)

*The packaging was nice, ready for gift giving na. I expected to get the keychains as is pero they were packed together with a logo/promotion card and sealed in a plastic meant for packaging these kinds of things talaga.

*She said that I can send her individual pegs/pictures for the hairstyle of each person in the keychain but lazy me didnt want to do her part of the work so I just asked her to use the same hairstyle for all girls and all boys. We ordered 25 keychains and honestly, I was too lazy to choose 25 hairstyles..Haha..So for Reese, she took it upon herself to make his chain stand out..pang baby talaga and it's to die for :)

 May pacifier pa!


The items are so good and the seller is easy to deal with, and if it was just a matter of customer satisfaction, I am over the moon about the items but there's just one small concern- additional costs. At the moment, she only accepts payments via lbc and western union payments. Although I appreciate the fact that I didnt have to line up for a bank transaction( BDO or BPI= nightmare if you just squeezed doing it during your office lunch break), it would have been nice to do the remittance for free.

Final Verdict:

All in all I am very happy with the items and I am now excited to pack and arrange the set of items for the Ninongs and Ninangs. Other than ref magnets, she also has personalized pen holders, and accessories. She also has numerous designs for her keychains so do check them out. I'm already thinking about getting these chains for our mountaineering group's xmas climb. Spell excited=ATATCHIBA. hahaha



Anonymous said...

Hi sis April! Thanks for that wonderful blog... Nakaka overwhelm naman po.. You are a person that is easy to deal with din po.. Thank you so so much!!! Looking forward for that mountaineering theme!!!! :)

Arnold and April said...

No prob sis..happy naman talaga kami ni hubby sa chains.. Sa December nalang ulit :)

dhaye29 said...

Good job sis Regie and thumbs up for the blog! She's really a passionate clay artist. I super love her works and I totally agree, she's easy to deal with and very nice in or out of online world.

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