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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mr. Donut's Do-ssant

Haven't been able to join the "cronut" craze for a number of reasons but when I passed by the Mr. Donut kiosk in Tektite this afternoon, couldnt resist any longer and had to get one for myself!

Mr Donut had four variants- Dark Chocolate, Glazed, Sugar Raised and Cinnamon. Naturally, I tried dark chocolate and here goes:

1. This baby reminded me a lot of Napoleones, that sweet sweet heaven in a square from Bacolod and other Panay provinces. It was probably because of the layers of pastry tucked with bavarian creme and glazed "thingy" I dunno what to call

those layers were quite heaven ^_^

2. It would be hard to eat this on a regular day when you just want a normal sized dessert. The dossant was about the size of an average cup saucer and after more than five mouthfuls, my stomach was close to bursting and the sweetness became a bit overpowering

I took it at this angle to emphasize the height..it was at least 2 inches

3. Because of that, it was very filling and quite worth the price, especially since they didnt use the standard milk chocolate for the coating.

Each do-ssant costs 65 pesos. I dunno how it would fare compared to the others but given its price, it was okay enough for me..4/5 taking everything into consideration..

Until the next chow session! 

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