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Saturday, December 10, 2011

sample set-up, food tasting, partial payment for quidos grill at tanghalang pasigueno

forgive me for the very very long title..just trying to drive more traffic in my blog.hehe.anyway, the title is exactly what happened today but the daldalita that I am, of course, I'll tell you all the side kwento first :)

The wedding culture in the Philippines has changed altogether in the past four or five years with the introduction and adaptation of concepts such as save the date cards, magnetic albums, prenup pictorials, onsite videos wedding coordinators, food tastings and so on. In the food industry, some of the caterers that have created names are Hizons, Eloquente, Vs and F, Juan Carlo and many others. for the venue, some that I'm familiar with are The Glass Garden, Gazebo Royale, Oasis, the Ibarra venues, Splendido, Villa de Oro and the list goes on. For people who choose to get one of these caterers and match it with another well known venue, they simple have to contact their AEs, set up an appointment and boom, they became Koko Krunch! haha. Kidding aside, they just have to contact their key person and set a meeting and they'll have a mock setup.

For us, it was trickier since our caterer is just as good but they dont accept that many events compared to these caterers. Imagine our joy when they told us that they would host a wedding in our venue and I couldnt be happier! I thought I'd never get the chance to see a mock setup on our actual venue but God just makes sure to let the opportunities present themselves.

Hence today, off we went to Pasig together with my future in-laws. They havent tried the food the first time and since they will be paying for a big bulk of the caterer, we wanted them to at least try the food more than once. hehe

It was like heaven when I walked in. The couple who got married also had a motif of aqua blue. Theirs is paired with gold but since ours is aqua blue and choco brown, I wasnt thinking of the brown anyway since a sea of brown organza would be too dark. The couple also had 210 guests and ours is 250,so I had a general idea of how crowded it would be.

The sea of tiffany chairs and blue clad chairs was a nice sight to behold.

All in all, it was an awesome day and we still had time to go to our church and submit some requirements as well as visit a friend and give our save the date card for him. We even ate in a Korean resto too! Here are some other pictures to show how the day went. ta-tuh! till next time!
my baby's the one standing in the distant bckground

it just never fails to capture me...

the resto in antipolo with cheap yummy authentic Korean Food. Grammar nazi, tama order ko ng adjectives ha.hehe

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