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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mt. Gulugod Baboy Prenup Pictorial

In the past couple of months, I've had 3 part time jobs and a fulltime job so I barely had time to sleep and get a pedicure(seriously!). Inasmuch as I enjoyed blogging, it had to take a backseat for me to get things done. However, we had our prenup just last week and I couldnt contain myself any longer..

It took a lot of planning for this prenup to materialize. We had to ask our mountaineering friend Sir Wynn to take our pictures since he was very talented and we knew he'd say yes to any opportunity for a shoot or a climb and this was an opportunity hitting both birds :D

our mountaineering friend, sir wynn who made this shoot possible :)

I also had to use my googling powers to look for shots that we liked, which we copied in turn on the day of the shoot.

God Blessed us on that weekend and let everything fall into place. The weather was fine and we were surrounded by friends and family who were more than willing to make every shot perfect. I have all the shots from Sir Wynn but to prevent the risk of overexposing the pictures prior to the time that they will serve their purpose on our std cards, thank you cards, souvenirs and everything else, here are a few pictures to give you an idea....
Mt Gulugod Baboy which is overlooking Anilao and other towns of Batangas

There were even some mountaineers who found us "cute" and took our pictures. They called Arnold "Attorney" but he jokingly replied that he was selling insurance :P

Silhouette shots are love and here are two of them

Our 2nd outfit....

The couple and the shitake mushrooms(they looked like button mushrooms but shitake just sounds so much cuter :)

My sister pinky, friends mimay, angel, doc kat sir alvin, sir mark and sol who were our bubble ladies and shitake mushrooms :P

A very late lunch in Lomi King Lipa

Happy viewing..till next time!


boring64 said...

Super like! ^^ Congrats po in advance Ma'am April and Sir Arnold :-*

Arnold and April said...

thank you po!

Norliks and Cha said...

sis, nice job for pulling off something as big as this! :)

Arnold and April said...

thanks bro..we were lucky to have mountaineering friends dahil kung hindi, payong pala di na namin madadala.haha..your prenup is something awesome in itself as well..the colors really come together!

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