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Friday, January 10, 2014

Safari themed candy buffet

Reese will have a swimming party for his first birthday and it would be more sensible to have an under the sea theme.However, I didn't want to over do the whole "blue vibe"- blue water, blue decor..might as well ask guests to come in blue. ahehehe.. Hence, I decided to go for a safari theme because of the wealth of decor possibilities.

Another thing that got me "hooked" were safari themed candy buffet decors! Candy buffets are prone to look very girly, probably because of the color of the candies and since most buffets are done by ladies and so I was thankful for a theme that would make our darling's candy spread all macho. :D

Case in point: The spread's mostly blue but it looks very dainty, doesn't it?

Here are some ideas that I found online which I plan to combine for Reese's candy buffet:

Notice that safari themed parties are big on orange and green....

and animal prints! loads and loads of animal prints!

Of course, the candy buffet won't be complete without cutie patootie containers

How creative...ah coco-nut nut!
Just thinking about all the things I have to do makes me anxious and very excited at the same time..Does anyone want to volunteer as my assistant in getting the decors ready? ahahahaa..

Chop-chop as I search for more scoops! :D

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