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Monday, January 6, 2014

Writing Itch and our son's first birthday coming up!

I have a load of unfinished posts and as they say in the vernacular, tambak na! Honestly, I have pending write ups about a ton of things- from resto reviews to wedding related posts but with everything else going on, I just dont have the energy to properly finish a write up. And so my writing itch has been growing everyday so today, I decided I MUST PUBLISH SOMETHING

Luickily, I finally have a few things I can actually finish writing about. I finally got my Starbucks planner yesterday(which caused sleepness nights due to caffeine overdose and ruined budgets) and so I got very excited at the prospect of finally getting started with the planning of Reese's first birthday party!

I dont want to say much since I'm planning to blog about our selection process of every supplier and the flow of the actual event, but here are some pictures to give you an idea

So I guess you can say that I just got a booster of stage mother hormones, if you know what I mean.. Hihihih

Expect more entries to come about this birthday party planning. Ciao!

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