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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Cinderella in me as been awakened by Cinderella ^_^

One thing that I enjoy the most about the one year wedding preps is that I do a mixture of impulsive and well though of decisions. Depending on the amount, we buy and pay for things if we believe they are the best bargains out there.

So far, I've had luck with many things-sale and pretty bridesmaid dresses that I've enhanced, and recently two purchases that have made me really happy-secondary sponsors dresses and my wedding shoes! I'd upload the dresses in a separate blog since I havent done the finishing touches on all of them so let's focus on the shoes first.

I have always been a "feet" person. At times, I wonder if I give more importance to shoes than facial products. Tawagin nakong mukhang paa, I dont care as long as I have pretty shoes. From what I can remember, I noticed that I was into shoes way back in college..and the love has always been there. Now, as a bride, this priority surfaces even more- bumili nako ng wedding shoes and yet I havent even decided on my gown yet.

I was in SM Fairview to do a favor for my sister...eh ang lola mo super tagal with her classmates so I decided to do some window shopping first. LIAR! haha.. My fiance should stop me from window shopping coz more often than not, I end up buying something..but this time I'm not complaining. I went to Cinderella, tingin tingin, ikot ikot..and I saw the magic word..SALE..hehe..Upon checking it out, the wedge sandals were so pretty so I looked at the price tag.
699.75(I just dont get why they always do that for only stupid people will not realize it's 700).

I asked the sales lady if it was the sale price or they'd still slash off, she said they'd still take 50% off.OMG! #@$^!%..I can possibly get my dream shoes for 350! However, I was scared that it was the last stock and that the pair looks dirty, or there were no stocks and so on. But God was on my side and the shoes fit me perfectly. I was still apprehensive because I couldn't believe that I was already buying my wedding shoes so I kept asking the saleslady but she wouldn't answer and she only responded when I told her the pair would be my wedding shoes.

Miss tattletale became excited all of a sudden and told the cashier and they both smiled. The saleslady said it was the last pair, and I jokingly said muntik ko nang hindi mabili ah to which the cashier replied para sa'yo talaga yan ma'm...and indeed, it was meant for me. I always imagined I'd be tiis ganda- buying beautiful shoes that were expensive, high heeled, dangerous and multiplying my chances of tripping but I no longer have worries because I got the pair that are perfect for me, heeled, comfy, light, pretty, blue and cheap! Have I told you they're only 350? wink wink...

happiness...wedding shoes..check!

see yah!

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