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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A personal account on airbrush make-up + Supplier's Rating: Colorplay by Malou Hibaler

Peso Power: 10,000 (2011 Bridal Fair Rate)
Airbrush Make up + Hair styling for the Bride
Traditional Hair and Make up for 3 heads
Grooming for the Groom 
Rating: 4/5 

Kwento: As early as 2010, I've been reading articles on airbrush make-up and I thought that I wanted it for myself on my wedding day. However, the quotations I've been seeing were skyhigh- I had a highschool classmate who got married and the rate she got was 15k- considering that she got married in 2011. I had to use extra special googling powers- that involved a lot of patience, clicking, reading and note taking. Finally, I came upon Ms. Malou's multiply site and I liked her for a few reasons:
1. She gives free trial make-up on bridal fairs
2. I had an idea about her rates from her site
3. She posted pictures of "real brides"- brides with skin problems, brides whose wait is not as ideal as it should be. This was a deciding factor for me- I am not so pretty myself and I was hoping she can help me become radiant on my wedding day.

Prior to that, I added her on facebook and based on common friends, she found out that I was related to one of her former colleagues. Nice! It doesnt hurt to have this connection other than our business link. So come August, I sought her out at a bridal fair in Megamall and I had a trial make-up session. It was quite lucky that it was also mine and then boyfriend's 6th anniversary- So I looked great for our big celebration. The deal was closed, I paid the dp and we were all set.

Pros: Ms. Malou and Ms. Menchie came in on time with everything on hand.I was also amazed with the products she used- they were all top of the line. They were also very prompt in making sure that I looked polished all the time. The minute the bridal car arrived in church, Ms. Malou went inside the car to do retouches and make sure that I looked good for my bridal walk. Before the picture taking, both Ms. Malou and Ms. Menchie immediately went to the church's platform and did retouches simultaneously. My cousins, noticed of course and made jokes about it- Taray ni Ypeh(ipe), dala-dalawa ang taga ayos!
It was even funny because prior to the reception, they did my second look and I was like a kid sitting on a porcupine- I couldnt sit still cause I wanted to go out. The post-ceremony photoshoot took longer than expected so I was apprehensive that guests were hungry and impatient so I wanted to start with the program as soon as possible. Ms. Malou and Menchie were patient enough and told me not to hurry too much lest my look would be terrible.

a snapshot of products that they use

Cons: Of course, the rate is much higher than your neighborhood parlorista, even for the traditional hair and make-up. This might be a big deal breaker for you especially if you plan to allocate your budget to other things that you deem more important.Also, my mother, maid of honor, bridesmaid and mother in-law were the three heads who had traditional make-up. They looked good but it was nothing out of the ordinary.

The final verdict on Colorplay:The airbrush make-up was really worth it, especially if you compare it to the rate of other artists. However, the traditional make-up was average. Nonetheless, I say get their bride and groom + 3 heads package- if you compute it, it'll just be the same as getting their bride and groom package only + rate of 3 heads from your neighborhood salon sans the hassle of having more people in your bridal suite.

a picture of our family...my mom and 2 sisters who had their h&m done by ms malou and ms menchie

The final say on getting airbrush make-up
People always say that crap about " You're only gonna get married once" and I never followed this with everything else- except for the hair and make-up. I have very oily skin and I sweat a lot and I'm not exaggerating. I have one too many pictures as a bridesmaid that I threw away because the photos were not worth keeping-it was evident that the powder was uneven or my eyebags were still visible- you get the picture. I believe that I would be radiant in my wedding gown even if it was just very simple but I didnt want crappy pictures of our wedding day especially if it's due to the fact that I scrimped out on a good make-up artist. No regrets- my make-up artist lived up to her promise that airbrush makeup would be worth it. She only did minor retouches after the initial application, and I looked polished until the end of the reception. I was so happy that I was able to get my dream- good pictures whether taken by our official photog or our guests' point and shoot and/or cellphone camera, to think that our wedding day must have been the summer solstice- freakin' 35 degrees! To future brides, especially to those with skin concerns, believe me and please get airbrush packages, at least for yourself.

Happy viewing(Hope I'll be able to convince you!)

 model ng pili ^_^

moolah..more moolah! haha.. a picture with my in-laws(2 hours after my last retouch)
photo taken by our official photog
just to show that even with minimal lighting + unnerving heat, i still looked good when we had our photobooth moment!
Photo taken by a friend's point and shoot camera(final moments at the reception)


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