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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thoughts on On Wally and Yosh scandal

To those who clicked this link to watch the video, sorry to disappoint you but I dont have it. As a married woman, the video was just very offensive and depressing on so many levels it triggered me to write about it.

It is depressing because Wally cheated on his wife, and for me, cheating is the worst form of cowardice. Cowardice because in its basic form, one cheats because there is something to gain from the new relationship and yet you refuse to let go of the longer relationship because it is your safety blanket, your fall back, or it is merely a circle of cowardice because you'd rather stay in both relationships because confrontation is much too daunting as compared to dangling two relationships.

It is depressing because Yosh cheated with a married man. No matter what her reasons or motives are, it is still cheating. No matter how much she enjoys their god-knows-how-often-of physical pleasure, she is doing it with a man that is not her rightful partner in whichever way you want to look at it.

It is offensive for the person who "leaked" it, because this video is not just about rumor mill- it is about a family that could possibly break apart, his children who would never be looked at in the same way, a marriage that has been tainted with adultery and their careers that could probably never be the same after this.

It is rude because of people like me because I am probably contributing even more to the buzz that this video is creating, all the more solidifying the negative effects it brought about.

And yet I am still posting this blog because as a wife I feel her pain already. It may not be it its fullest form, it may not be accurate, it may not be precise but I feel it. It is human nature to relate with others who are in one way or another, related to us, whether in happiness, sadness, anger or envy.. As proven by the interaction because of the billions of pesos taken by Napoles and her peers, we share the anger because that is our hard earned money that we could have used as our own but was taken unwillingly and yet we accept it as a way of life, as good citizens.

And so I am still writing this blog because wherever Riza Bayola is, I share her pain. I am praying for their marriage, that they will want to surpass this, that they will survive it, that the worst was over, and there will be more pictures that are similar to the one posted below.
Wally and his family. Credits to his site for this picture

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