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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sway to the rhythm though I might be sharing too much.

I'm not the best singer there is but I do know that there are just some songs that speak to your soul na para bang sadyang ginawa ang kantang yun para sayo.Hence, even before I got engrossed on this whole wedding thing, I've been thinking about the songs we're gonna use.

For the march, I(in passing lang ang discussion with H2B eh) am considering:

1.Love moves in mysterious ways- I just love every line of this song and I think I'm quite definite on this one.

For the first dance, I'm thinking:

the way you look tonight maroon 5 version- Such a classic song for a wedding. festive yet romantic...just what I want.

For the onsite avp

rhythm of love by plain white t's:
I love love this song and I've been trying to catch it on the radio for 2 weeks and luckily, I did last week so I was able to search for it using the lyrics. There are other songs I want for the avp but they've been used over and over and since this is a relatively new song and plain white t's are not as popular as other bands/singers who made the other songs I like, eto ang number 1 contender ^^

we might do the money dance and an engagement avp depende sa circumstances + the entrance song so more songs to follow(baka si hubby na pumili^^)

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