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Saturday, November 20, 2010

nakakatulong rin maging stalker

I have a high school batchmate who'll get married April next year and from time to time I love checking her album if she has new updates on the details of their wedding. Today, I was pleased to see a picture of her groom's barong called a barong suit. I've seen it on Mike and asking Arnold whether he'd like one too(He already agreed to wearing a suit). I like it because it's the perfect fusion of western and eastern- it's not as common as a typical barong but not as hot as a suit as well. here it is:

The material is thicker than the traditional barong which makes it fit better.. cant wait.kakaexcite!

Of course, this is the perfect opportunity to show you(my imaginary friend) what I envision my gown to be:

yes, that is evanka trump...I've been trying so hard to find a front shot of her in her gown but no luck..It's okay cause it's not the exact thing that I want but it's the closest one I can find..
Hay, thinking of the big day makes me all mushy and dreamy..and it should kasi 2am na and I'm still blogging. haha. Till next time my friend^^

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