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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

not so definite details of a definite wedding

There was a time when I stopped blogging because 
1) I was quite unsure whether we'd still push through the plans made earlier
2) I getting tired of coming across the same suppliers over and over again so there was nothing new to blog about...BUT

Thursday, January 6, I came across this awesome awesome thread and a new name cropped up so my hopes got high again. It was also about the same time that Meio and I were talking about dates, hence I now have 2 new details to blog about

1) the date we agreed upon thanks to meio's enthusiasm about this that is getting better as I blog(I'm not speaking eh, cant use that expression.haha)
2) the venue!!!!!!

Gone are the days when the couple cant talk in their own wedding "meeting" but we still value the opinion of our parents. Though nothing is certain until the 'pamamanhikan', I'll talk about these two in separate blogs.

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